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8 New Games November (2 FREE GAMES)

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November is here! Check out some of these….

* Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition – Open World Action – November 11th – PS4, PS5, Xbox one, Xbox Series, PC, Switch
* Call of Duty Vanguard – first person shooter – November 5th – PS4, PS5, Xbox one, Xbox Series, PC
* Battlefield 2042 – First person shooter (online only) – November 19th – PS4, PS5, Xbox one, Xbox Series, PC
* FREE GAME – Enlisted – Now on PS4 and Xbox one – first person war shooter – Out NOW
* FREE GAME – Bloodhunt – Vampire Battle Royale – Coming to PS5 this year
* Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1 – Open world detective thriller – November 16th – Playstation, Xbox, PC
* Jurassic World Evolution 2 – management sim – November 9th – Playstation, Xbox, PC
* Skyrim – Fantasy RPG – PS5, Xbox Series X, PC



  1. Movie plot: a mummy’s boy in the woods loves hockey and kills everyone

  2. I never played the single battlefield singleplayer,even when they tried to force us by only downloading half the game

  3. god captured, fight death battle, friends make new friend

  4. There’s that adopted kid and he’s got spiky hair and then there’s that other adopted kid and he’s got meat on his face but then he puts a hat on and he’s bad now and then they win the science fair.

  5. A reporter who snoops around and black goop goes in his skin and they fight things

  6. A kids toy becomes evil, kills a bunch of people, has the spirit of someone inside it, is based on a real life toy, wants to take over someone else’s body, is your friend till the end

  7. Wait battelfild 2045 is going to be releast on 19th of november thats my bday how

  8. That train mission in San Andreas gone have us all mad asl again lol

  9. a kid gets abducted by an alien ship for an expeiment but then the kid gets stockholm syndrome and the ship feels guilty so drops him back off where he belongs.

  10. a purple coloured man wants everyone to have food so he goes to get six magic rocks and then pushes his kidnapped daughter of a cliff

  11. A kid wants to be part of team joins a battle and goes on his "uncle's" side of the fight

  12. I'm definitely starting with San Andreas , that game is embedded in my gaming soul, I still hear the music in my head from that one

  13. I was like 6 when I played the GTA Trilogy 😂

  14. Dumbasses fight evil guy and lose but then win

  15. Angry space wizard gets mad because he can’t be top rank so he murders children hurts his wife and then tries to kill his best friend and ends up being a very burnt bagel

  16. 3:00 well battlefields campaigns aren’t that good except for bad company one bad company and battlefield 3 and you can use classes in Portal mode.

  17. Movie plot explained badly:

    So this guy wears a mask and goes around killing people a survivor of his first killing was a babysitter who just wanted to babysit and thats it, anyways years later the babysitter is now a old lady and bam surprise the killer is back and this time wants revenge solely on the now psychologically tormented babysitter and her family, the killer had certain kind of silverware used for butchering meat

  18. Was I the only one stuck in the loop at the beginning of the video?

  19. Titian fall 2 is experiencing PTSD this year, a small joke for the OGs out there 😏

  20. Series/movie badly explained: Micheal Jackson runs around killing people turning some into demons and he did that to ur sister

  21. Buff guy uses a frisby to take down bad men a long time ago

  22. Enlisted is fun but it's super pay 2 win I've hit premium tanks with half a dozen rounds with no penetration just to get destroyed in one shot 😑

  23. aww man i just thought they would make good car games

  24. Explain a plot badly: Big bugs attempt to have babies with 2 young women with guns

  25. I am sooooo getting Jurassic word evolution 2 I loved the first game and it looks like there’s gonna be water dinos and air dinos this time

  26. Im waiting for the gta trilogy!!!!!

    And you too 😅

  27. Sister broke his favorite toy and is in charge of his home so he destroys it

  28. Movie plot: A man dreams that his wife will die, so he kills all of his friends and becomes homies with the dude he was supposed to kill in the first place.

  29. So there's this guy who cant die but he can lose limbs but then regrow them but he was a villain and went to a hero

  30. a young boy tries to help his glowing fingered friend find his way back home.

  31. Imagine still promoting the myth or even mentioning Santa time to grow up let’s all have a bit of common sense now

  32. Man betrays planet to clap alien cheeks

  33. Paraplegic gets help from other disabled people to stop a more powerful disabled person

  34. angry woman is sad about ugly childs swimming skills and breaks the law.

  35. Okay imma spend over a hundred bucks this month

  36. weirdo who basically doesnt get killed or hurt and carries a knife everywhere he goes and that knife seems to be really sharp and a little hint is that he like halloween

  37. Magic orphan kills white man in a halloween costume.

  38. Crazy scientist killed by terrorist, high school kid in a life jacket gets wrapped up in it all and is kissed by his mother.

  39. I had to ask people to buy me gta 3 outside the shop, i was 12 now im old

  40. Kid who is kidnapped by a old man then blows up a space ship

  41. a kid who lives in a desert, drinks blue milk, hates his robot dad, hangs out with a whistling trash can and kisses his sister.

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