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A NEW SCP 3008 GAME!!! The Store Is Closed

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Well it was about time someone else made a SCP 3008 game, and here we are.
With Multiplayer, Crafting and base building as standard, its everything we could ever ask for and this is Version 1! In this video, I explore some of the basic features, next time… Multiplayer.
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  1. Ok its even more scary then having no face just blank face

  2. You forgot that dead employees attract more during the night

  3. Computer game correct were my mobile gang at

  4. i think the reason why are speed is s**t is because it’s alpha and it doesn’t have that much coding of movement

  5. Imagine this. Every time a sledgehammer is used to kill a staff, one random Ikea worker from real life feels a needle sting dead center of where the sledgehammer hit in game

  6. if you become an employee there you won't have to worry about them attacking you i just had a big brain moment also or fries as you Americans like you to call it. Mexicans and Canadians:i think you're forgetting someone

  7. You know how there that map that goes up and up? How about you build a base that goes really high and maybe you could find the end.

  8. The store is closed please exit the building

    Me:oh no i don’t think so

  9. Karen: I want to speak to your manager

    Manager: slaps the Karen into the multi verse.

  10. It’s.. just staff that have a face without eyes mouth nose or ears. Well 173 should snap all their necks for sure. CRAP 096

  11. Aren't they supposed to constantly be calm as they ask you to leave….while viciously attacking you?

  12. Pov: youre trying to make youre own campfire at home beacuse youre mom didnt let you have sticks in the house: 6:37

  13. When does it come out and how much for it?

  14. The map at 3:35 man that is big. Wonder if their is a mountain of furniture reaching to the ceiling.

  15. I feel like walls and shelf’s should be really high into the sky th hat would be cool

  16. i saw it coming out on steam but this scene jump scared me 1:07

  17. Why this IKEA store is cold STYR?

  18. When the big one came my soul left my body

  19. I like the fact they set the location it was made at into ikea

  20. The manager is getting their revenge on Karen's.

  21. When you hit the staff blood comes out but according the the story they don't have any blood

  22. a British show called doctor who has a creature in one of its episodes which looks so similar to the workers in this, just with a black suit and able to shoot lightning out of there hands and evaporate people

  23. Does anyone else think the staff look like the silence from doctor who

  24. “Can you direct me to the coffin section”

    Funniest shit i heard all week

  25. What am I missing in this game? You just run around and avoid the employees? I don’t see half of the cool stuff in this video on the actual game

  26. the staff look like those things from dr who

  27. If this is bri’ish than why didn’t it say “Aight lad get out the stor it’s closed”

  28. If this has pillars, which i hope, you could maybe exploit the physics and make a flying base!

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