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Akihabara Super Potato (retro games store)

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Neat retro games store in Tokyo, Japan. (Akihabara specifically)


  1. lol… The yellowing of the plastic isn't from smoking! It's to do with the mix of products that went into the plastic. The old famicom is notorious for it. The US Super Famicom is also known to do it.

  2. Do they employ people there to clean up all the drool and involuntary ejaculate?

  3. grandissimo. puro spettacolo . il negozio migliore del mondo.

  4. This shop is my idea of geek heaven….. I must visit!

  5. yes. I went there when i was in japan a few weeks ago.

  6. Amazing, I would to see more about the Psx and the Gameboy Color (my first consoles)

  7. to bad it in japan not here….. it cool i like it

  8. You get them at store,but you have to read Japanese.

  9. This was awesome. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. is the video sped up or were u just spazzing out?

  11. REALLY? can u find used PANTIES Vending machine?

  12. was there a sega sonic the hedgehog arcade machine

  13. |Its not smoke damage white systems yellow over time due to exposure to ultraviolet light and heat. Its from boron added to the plastic as a fire retardant but it yellows the plastic. Every run of systems seems to yellow at a different rate. The super nintendo from when i was a kid has yellowed on the top piece but not the bottom piece. I know for a fact it has never been in a smoking house hold.

  14. Taaaaaa mllkkkkkkk . Amaaaazinnnnngggg *_*_* i love retro games *_*_*_*

  15. This is so frustrating. I know the shop and it's always a pleasure to watch a video about it, but dude, you need to chill. I seriously wanted to puke after 2 minutes watching yours. I don't know if it's because you were too excited or something but next time just take your time to film that amazing place..

  16. why is it that american consoles are so boxy and japanese ones are curvy?

  17. if it was me there im sure that i will fall inconscious by joy , it's a little place of heaven

  18. Holy crap! Thanks for sharing, that place is amazing.

  19. Yeah, sounds like the dude is cumin' all over the place

  20. Another thing is some old plastic materials have the PVC chemical in it that also makes them turn "Yellow" over time.

  21. Yeah, I think I actually jizzed when he pointed out the Mk III (1:59). I've never seen that before and I want it, now!

  22. incrivel ainda vou ae muito bom very good ricardo rj-br

  23. ¡Amigo, más despacio con la cámara! 🙂
    Slower with camera, my friend! 🙂
    Thanks for images! 🙂
    ¡Gracias por el vídeo! 🙂

  24. No.. it's actually from smoking. Those aren't the first-generation SNES's. Those are Dreamcasts played by some dude that, by his lungs, isn't long for this world.

  25. wow, very cool video bro. planning to go to japan this 2015, were in akihabara is this located bro? 🙂

  26. im surprised most of those games are still in the box, japanese people really take good of their things 

  27. Nice selection but WAY overpriced compared to other stores in Tokyo.

  28. Nice to see some complete games.i'm usually not interested in loose carts.

  29. Omg!!!!! Love this!! Japan is live living an awesome carnival everyday a!!!

  30. this is one of those stores that needs an ultra wide angle lens to see everything lol.

  31. Wow! Thats a high concentration of cool stuff in a compact space!

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