All Akihabara Retro Game Shops - Complete Guided Tour! -

All Akihabara Retro Game Shops – Complete Guided Tour!

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In this video I take a look around all the retro game shops in Akihabara, Tokyo! I think I managed to cover them all! If I missed any, please let me know!
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Shops list:
00:00 Intro
00:30 – Surugaya Front Store
02:22 – Book Off
04:00 – Yodobashi
05:12 – Radio Kaikan
05:53 – Gamers
07:05 – GEO Mobile
08:41 – Trader 2
10:40 – Super Potato
18:51 – Mulan
20:10 – Akiba Zone
21:45 – Mandarake
23:59 – Hard Off
24:44 – Sofmap
25:58 – Trader
35:09 – Trader 3
36:08 – Retro Game Camp
38:12 – Retro Game Camp Dungeon
41:11 – BEEP
48:57 – Surugaya Retro Game
54:37 – MAK Japan – Video:
55:16 – Tora No Ana 2 – Video:
55:39 – G Front – Video:
56:20 – Friends
58:36 – Book Off Plus

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  1. Another big like from Old Nerd 👍 keep it up

  2. Would love to go to Japan someday! Unfortunately I don't have anybody to go with. Seems too special to go alone. It's why I haven't done it sooner.

  3. around min 30, there are many uncommon PS2 Games from Hamster like Pooyan and Thundercross.. couldn't see the prices, but I started collecting these, and they got up in price very quick

  4. What a great vid mate! I am certainly going to watch it again!!!

  5. Ahh ! Trader 2 that was where I picked up my PS3 Ico/Wander and the Colossus special edition.

  6. I Had the Biohazard 2 for Dreamcast in my shop recently. The extra disc is the demo for Code Veronica. A nice little package.

  7. Oh, and I have two Cool Ice Japanese N64's for sale at the moment, one mint in the box and one loose. Let me know if you need one

  8. I’m only half way through but this video is superb, well done. Capturing such an amazing area in such detail, it’s incredible. I went to Akihabara for one afternoon during my honeymoon in 2011 and loved it, so it’s great to be taken round the sights in more detail. I think I’ll probably end up watching this a few times.

  9. That Taito game center looked to have a pretty nice selection of older games!

  10. Great video. I’ve watched the first third as I keep having to pause it!!! Brings back good memories. I think I only went to about five retro stores last time I was there, but plenty to check out next time.

    Totally know what you mean about buying something from Super Potato. It has to be done! I bought a Virtual Boy from there, I possibly could have saved a little bit of money getting it elsewhere but, then, it’s not as cool is it?

    That shooter in that screen under Dragon Spirit was Layer Section by the way. One of my faves!

  11. I would have emptied my bank account on this trip!
    Thank-you for sharing it with us!!

    (love the Ys VIII music in the background)

  12. Great video! Super cool to see all these shops. The 64DD is awesome, but it’s so expensive!

  13. Watched until the end. A fantastic guide. Can't wait to get back there for my second trip. I enjoyed your Den Den town video. I didn't visit there my first trip and I was with non gamer friends. Next time it will be a Game holiday. What were some of your favourite meals whilst in Japan. The quality of food there is so cheap and delicious 👌

  14. Very comprehensive video, some of these shops I’ve never heard of! Beep is indeed awesome. Wish I had stayed long enough to discover their console games, but I only had a few hours in Akihabara.

    For Famicom exclusives, there’s Konami’s Yume Penguin Monogatari as well as Moaikun (puzzle game with the eastern island head). Kaiketsu Yansha Maru and Cocoron are cool and the very expensive Robocco Wars is very tempting…

  15. I really enjoyed the “tour loop” approach of showing the order in which to travel. Extremely helpful!

    That PC Engine game with the handgun on the cover art is Die Hard, I believe.

    English-friendly, cheap Famicom games I would recommend that weren’t released on the NES: Hi no Tori Hououhen Gaou no Bouken, Kaiketsu Yancha Maru 2, Paaman Enban wo Torikaese, and (of course) WaiWai World 1 & 2.

  16. Wow, you’re awesome for making this guide. I’m going to Japan in 20 months to see NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 16 and visit these shops along the way especially the arcades. What would be your top 3 recommendation for SEGA Dreamcast Selection?

    15:17 is 1994 Taito’s “RayForce”

  17. Fantastic video, thanks for the detail. I also really appreciate how you presented the locations of the stores, because you showed me some games that I managed to miss when I was there last May 😉 PS the Namco Sound Museum is fantastic, it was not a cheap investment but I love it.

  18. Great video! I guess I missed a few game shops when I went last year. Your video has shown me alot more game shops to visit the next time I go.

  19. What a video!! Your Google map idea really gave a sense of 'place' to everywhere, what an effort to do that! Such a chilled morning watching this. One weird question.. i heard Japan has loads of smokers indoors still.. is this much of an issue when there? Thanks so much, lot of work in this vid!

  20. There was a time when Trader 2 was better than Trader 1, it used to be the main retro store while Trader 1 had the more modern stuff. In fact Trader 2 was in a different location and was next door to that import store you were talking about. It was called Game Hollywood, I remember picking up the US version of Okami on PS2 in there. It’s gone now though unfortunately, like a lot of other cool stores.

    Also Elevator Action Returns is totally worth picking up, it’s arcade perfect on the Saturn. Great video, hope you had a good time there.

  21. Which would you say is the cheapest store for PlayStation games.

  22. Im planning a trip to Japan next year so this video is so useful thank you.

  23. That’s video game heaven , loving the videos

  24. do u know whats funny, that DC Dev Unit was filmed by Rrtro Gamer Girl 9 Months ago and its still there. I guess to expensive 😁😁😁😅😅😅😪😪

  25. DOOD! I used to work @ Sony – helped create PlayStation 2 there. It was fun.

  26. Thank you so much for making this video. I'm never sure if I'm ever going to go to Japan, but I at least have videos like this to help me get the experience. Excellent work on this one! I can tell it took a lot of effort!

  27. Of course we made it to the end, that place is amazing! And the arcade was a great bonus!

  28. Great job! You did covered everything, amazing video… takes me back when I was there!

  29. Cool video! Is there a list of the music you used?

  30. Great video, only just found and subscribed to your channel, keep up the good work 👍

  31. when did you visit Japan and filmed this? I was going in 2020, my plane ticket was paid for, hotels were booked, things were set for months and then covid happened. Got the plane ticket refunded, dont know when people will be able to go there again 🙁 I just found out your tokyo stores videos, so I got my evening entertainment covered for today ahah

  32. Wheres The Place To Buy New And Modern Consoles Like Special Edition Consoles?

  33. Good video, but the slow motion makes my eyes and head hurt.

  34. I really love how you put this together. So neat, organized, and really helpful.

    Thanks a ton. Will definitely be putting this knowledge to use in the future.

  35. Where should one go to find PAL games? I've personally never understood buying JP games unless you can read/speak the language, but i guess nice for collectors, i just want to be able to play the games to, haha.

  36. cool concept. someone has to show you how to hold a camera and be patient with your scanning of shelves. blurry.

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