ASMR 90's Video Game Store Roleplay -

ASMR 90’s Video Game Store Roleplay

ASMR Darling
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Welcome to the past!!! The year is 1996. Lipgloss is still a thing, scruntchies are still a thing, and the Nintendo 64 is the most advanced thing on the market! Let your retro tingles roll 🙂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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  1. "The Lion King video game! I have personally beat this."

    Plug it in. Prove it. I don't believe you.

  2. Bruh, she said I’m cute 🥰, I think I’m in 🙌🏽

  3. Shows lion king SNES

    Me:Vietnam flashbacks to that one level

  4. Is everyone going to ingnore the fact that she called a nes cartridge a "longer snes cartridge"?

  5. How many people thought this was going to turn into a different kind of video when she reapplied the lip gloss…

  6. Darling: i have some games, would you like to look them over or do you want me to show you some?

    me: eh i wanna look them over i got places to be-

    Darling: you want me to show you some?

    me: wha? no i have places to be i dont have ti-

    Darling: okay so this first game..

    me: U_U

  7. Darling: oop i dropped my lip bomb.. mind if i re-apply it real quick?

    me: ma'am you got enough as it is at this point your gonna start smelling like it when you talk and knowing you, your gonna be talking for 30 mins straight, now can you do us all a favor and put it down

    Darling: starts applying it

    me: U_U

  8. The fact that makes it look like the 90s is the clothes she is wearing while working in a game store

  9. not to be mean but the first thing i would ask is "why are you taping a game controller

  10. Yes i to call my shoulder buttons "bumpers"

  11. I love this roleplay… But the audio is just to quiet x.x

  12. You know……
    I say I don't understand roleplay asmr videos
    But here I am at the end of the video like
    Aw…'s over 🙁
    Good call on the bg being themed
    Tbh you could tell me there are pennies in wishing wells and the ocean and I'd be like yeah yeah ya gonna tap on more stuff ? 👀 Yay

  13. Wow was not expecting you to pull out Mario RPG from that collection that's pretty cool. You may not know much about games but that was a nice surprise.

  14. Didn’t realize YouTube was around in 1996🤣

  15. Lol I like how she just says “and it’s clear so you can see all the technology” when the green spots on the controller is messing up the green screen.

  16. i remember a couple years ago i commented “Why is she tapping everything?”
    so guess i’m a stupid

  17. dr mario part… excellent.. miss britney

  18. The part on Dr.Mario, with the virus spreading without control, so actual!

  19. sorry to tell you but lip gloss and scrunchies are still things

  20. It's funny how she tries to exaggerate her sentence but she has to whisper so it just comes out as "ₛᵤₚₑᵣ ₘₐᵣᵢₒ ₜₕᵣₑₑ!!!"

  21. Oh no not me gettin all nostalgic😗

  22. exbox👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻

  23. So a few things wrong with this video: A.) It's called a D-Pad (not a key pad), B.) The first games you pulled out are to a original NES game console and not a SNES, and C.) The bumper on the bottom of the N64 is called a trigger.

    Hope I taught you something. You need to do another one of these videos like asap, lol.

  24. Imagine the guy selling you an Xbox just started tapping it 😐

  25. Can we just acknowledge the fact that if this character was 16, which would be the youngest, she would be 40 today.

  26. This should have been titled ASMR 00s game store since the game cube came out in 01

  27. i eat massive amounts of spaghetti

  28. this is my shop so why are you wispering in to our scurty camra

  29. the expansion pack was for games like donkey kong 64, majora's mask and others that needed it in order to play these games.

  30. Why does she have a bunch of NES games but not an NES?😂

  31. All Nintendo game system years
    Nes 1985
    Game boy 1989
    Super Nintendo 1991
    Game boy pocket 1996-1997
    Nintendo 64 1996
    Game boy color 1998
    Game boy advance 2001
    Game cube 2002
    Game boy micro 2005
    Ds 2005
    Wii 2006
    Ds lite 2006
    Dsi 2008
    3ds 2010
    3ds xl 2012
    Wii U 2013
    Switch 2017

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