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[ASMR] Game Store Roleplay | MattyTingles

Matty Tingles
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Thank you to Gfuel for working with me on this video, I’m honored to be a part of your movement.

So in this video I help you fix your PS4 controller, find some presents for your friends and buy a few things for you as well. I hope you find this relaxing and entertaining. Please enjoy!

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Hey! My name is Matty and I live in Oregon. I’ve been an avid viewer of ASMR for over 7 years and I started my channel December 16, 2016. I normally upload 2-3 times per week! Stay tuned and thank you for being here.

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  1. No hate or anything but when the we brought in the ps4 controller I thought he would know what console we own but no he said: what console do u own?

  2. Matty. goes it going
    Me. Good good
    Matty. Um that is what is say lets try that agin

  3. Damn bro Ned from spider man hitting different these days. Hope he’s doing well working at GameStop!

  4. I’ve watched this at least 20 times.

  5. How does he have ps4 controller but the ps3 or 2 new

  6. See through greensrceen gift cards sick 😂😂😂

  7. Thing is I had the same gold controller threw it on a pillow and it didn’t turn on I don’t understand how

  8. “How’s it going”
    “My pet just died”
    “Good good”
    Thanks Matt lmao

  9. Everytime I end one of these videos so sad because I want to spend more time with you. These are so good

  10. G-fuel sponsor was really creative honestly

  11. This is what I hear when me and my friend FaceTime and play roblox 1:28

  12. Came up I’m my suggested again, had to come back to this OG gem

  13. For 1 second I actually thought the Xbox cards were actually see threw then I realised the green screen

  14. I LOVE IT SO MUCH THIS IS MY 1012time watching it I’m not joking

  15. matt is speaking normal… and… is wispering

  16. I see now why his youtube name is Matty tingles

  17. God sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins spread the gospel and fully surrender your life to god if you want to go to heaven

  18. Me: my dad just died
    Matty: good good good

  19. Matty: How’s it going?
    Me: I got raped last week
    Matty: good good

  20. Matty: How's it going?
    Me: Oh, I just murdered your mum
    Matty: Good Good

  21. anyone watching this during ps5 global stock problems?

  22. bro y the biggest flex in the world when maddie just takes out his air pods

  23. Matty: What game are you gonna stream?
    Me: Oh y’know, Six Siege, Warzone, maybe a bit of Minecraft…
    Matty: fOrTnItE? oK

  24. i actually forgot this was an asmr video after a few minutes

  25. I don’t know where this was and wasn’t an advertisement. I wish gamestop employee’s were this friendly and knowledgeable

  26. I didn’t say I want a controller fixed I said I want BOBUX

  27. When I’m having a bad day he always brightens me up

  28. Bruh he said that old playstation just realeased then explain the ps4 cpntroller are u time traveling or what?

  29. Matty seems so nice
    It’s a shame that he can’t afford wires on his AirPods

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