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[ASMR] Gaming Store Roleplay 5

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I was high key dying when I was filming this so if I act a little sus that’s why —
I think I bought a total of zero (0) non-digital games since my last video, so I had to fudge around it a bit…
What was your favorite game this past year???
PS — please pretend we have masks on or that we’re in some sort of world where everything’s chill now hahaha.

My top is from BlackMilk!
My hat is from Maobaby!
The Team Rocket notebook is from SinfulHime!
I whipped out a bunch of awesome stuff from Drop.com, love them!

aaaand of course, use code GIBI on 😉

I filmed this in my stream room which is my favorite room of all time it makes me so happy and I never want to leave

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  1. is that.. is that.. IS THAT A PAPYRUS PLUSH?!?!

  2. I just know understand how the fuck did the stock market 📈 help them?!

  3. i have been playing dark souls 3…very fun game

  4. There's a papyrus toy at the back …I rEaLlY LiKe UnDeRtAlE

  5. Who in the world spends 40 minutes just talking to an employee at a game store. Also, WHY THE CRAP IS SHE JUST GIVING OUT G-FUEL FOR FREE!

  6. Welp got more Omori flash backs when it was mentioned 😔

  7. ill be taking that vr if you dont mind gibi

  8. Why is gfuel different from a Red Bull or bang isn’t it just sugar and caffeine

  9. Me opening Genshin Impact right before she mentions it…. I don't have a problem, I swear!!!

  10. For a business that is "booming" IN HER OWN HOME she sure likes to spend all her time on just one person!

  11. Unrelated but I want my room to look like that

  12. as a genshin player, i have yet to spend money and i just play way too much and put a lot of time into it but i have friends that spend so much money especially when they were trying to acquire Childe🙄✋🏻

  13. “Oops Wrong Book” Me Looks On The Front Of The Page 😅

  14. A glass so fancy, but the drink so lazy

  15. me: * listening this while making homework *
    Gibi: "your fingers will be so happy"
    me: " sAy WhAt nOw-

  16. I got my oculus quest 2 and acted like I plucked it out of the screen

  17. this is the fanciest gaming store i've ever been to

  18. Please never compare Tolkiens masterpiece to a specky wean with a twig

  19. She, she, she pulled out a friggin martini glass

  20. I don’t understand why everyone is saying genshin impact is pay to win. You can play all the contents of the game you want , getting 5 stars it’s harder but the game content itself is amazing

  21. Wow. as someone who’s into headphones, I never thought I’d get a consumer review on the HD6XX with comparisons lol. Much appreciated and I’m really interested in trying them now.

  22. L in the back wondering why shes doing another asmr roleplay

  23. Just write your name down opens Death note oop wrong book-


  25. I was looking for asmr..

    I got video game tips AND asmr 😀

  26. The oculus quest two is so cool, I have one and it’s amazing, btw the game you were talking about was beat saber, I have it and it’s really fun.

  27. It took me three times to understand the "tried to bribe me" gesture😧

  28. No one:
    Me: staring at the reigen blanket the whole time 🧍‍♀️

  29. My question is: is she on team rocket cuz of her note book.. Lets all hope pikachu doesnt kill her 😐

  30. Bro I was hoping you would say kingdom
    Hearts. Beautiful game trilogy

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