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[ASMR] The Gaming Store 4

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*open for lots of info*
Ohhh ho ho you didn’t think I was gonna pull this outta nowhere did ya??? GAMING STORE 4!! I’ve wanted to shoot this for a while since I’ve started streaming on twitch (twitch.tv/ggGibi) and decided to include livestreaming tools in this video to sort of reflect what gaming is like in 2018! I haven’t been to a Gamestop in about a year or so lolol oops. Amazon + digital downloads are my life now.

My head is red is because I was messing with my hat and my skin is insanely sensitive. I’m fine lol.

The McCree and Reaper are from but I’m not sure if they’re on her site!

I hope you enjoy!! I decided to not green screen this one because I had a few green objects and I didn’t want to kill Vestman. Also I kind of like the old school vibe like my other Gaming store vids c:

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Gaming Store 3 that actually moonlights as an animated Team Rocket video lmao:

thank you so much for watching!!

PS I looked — I have a Logitech G403 mouse!

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  1. Anybody notice she almost broke her Joy con with the strap she put it on the wrong way on the red one

  2. Going back to these vids in 2021 just to remember what it's like to go into a video game store

  3. the gaming store in 2018: we're closing down forever
    the gaming store in 2021: WE'RE BACK BABY HOLD TOGETHER APES STRONK TO THE MOON 🚀🚀🌝🌝

  4. Who’s here in 2021 and wants gaming store 5?

  5. Gibi: if your looking for a extremely long game


    Gibi: Its the persona 5 game

    Me: YUS

  6. She keeps talking about all these unknown games when she doesn’t talk about GTA or Minecraft

  7. Gibi: "It's good to see a human face"

    People after Corona:

  8. 0:58 when she does that sound, it sounds like when you're opening the Wii menu after seeing the users manual lmao

  9. she said a game that's gonna take a long time I thought she was taking out dark souls

  10. so, I finally finish Kingdom Hearts, is that sequel still on the table?

  11. Store: closing down

    Gamestop: why must people laugh at my face

  12. When she said 5 bucks off purchase for the wii that’s how u know it’s a legit game store

  13. They give 3 dollars for my ps5 bruh

  14. Me addicted to this one video of gibi's me still rember the infinite scroll mouse

  15. I mean sure my G203 is fine but I can use an upgrade to a G903

  16. you shouldnt use headset mic.
    TYLER 1 am i a joke to you

  17. Her: no body coming here anymore
    2M ppl: we’re here in the gaming store

  18. Season 6 😫😫😫when this was uploaded

  19. I will snatch that reaper stand in the background and that hat THANK YOU AND HAVE A GN

  20. I actually think the switch joy-cons are kinda like Nagisa (blue) and Karma (red) in Assassination Classroom. Anyone else? I know it's random to post this question here but still! I know their supposed to be like Mario and Sonic but please tell me you see it too!

    Edit: Or even Todoroki's fire side and ice side! It's opposite sides but still though!

  21. Gibi-what pc do you have
    Me-a patato pc
    Gibi-oh that's good

  22. Why is the taco bell in my town mapped right underneath the video? I thought it'd map to a gaming store but nah, taco baco

  23. Look in the bottom right of the screen and tell me that’s not a mac.

    Also look carefully cause it looks like the bed

  24. Hope you didn't lock the joy-cons dragonne this way(upside down) i heard that if you do so they will get stuck

  25. Ronaldo your career is over gibi says you can't stream with a headset mic.

  26. She looks like a person named brandie!

  27. This video was painful to watch

    Because it was hard to keep my eyes open. Great video Gibi!

  28. stands on podium hi my name is Gibi and my skin is sensitive I’m not dying thank you for concern and also pls read the description box more often bless you have a great day

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