Batman Arkham Games Are Free! ...On the Epic Games Store - IGN Now -

Batman Arkham Games Are Free! …On the Epic Games Store – IGN Now

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Epic Games store is celebrating Batman by giving away six great Batman games.

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  1. cant lauch batman arkham asylum some folders are missing and can't launch it
    this is why i prefer steam NOT EPIC GAMES

  2. Are these going to be free to play forever or just a limited time?

  3. If i download all the games do i get to keep them pergamently…?

  4. So you can’t play these on Ps4 then even with your Epic account being linked to it ?

  5. Anyone else have problems launching each of the games?

  6. does anyone else have problems where the epic games version of batman where the ps4 controller doesnt work? If so how did you fix it?

  7. Is it free for the ps4 and xbox? Or just pc

  8. Wow they are really desperate win people over steam

  9. its been 80 years thats why there doing it ive always wanted batman thanks

  10. Sooo do I get it on my ps3 or my laptop? I got the free batman collection on my pc

  11. Anyone else having a problem where the game crashes the ENTIRE PC?

  12. i hate epic games i keep getting an error and it wont let me down load, of course the forums are broken and support wont work

  13. I really wish Arkham Origins was free, not because I don't have it, but because no one is playing the multiplayer.

  14. what about ps4 gamers??
    can we play the games on ps4 for free if we redeem them using playstation ID??

  15. Anybody know how to get a ps4 controller to work on Epic game launcher?

  16. It wasnt because of the joker movie, it was the 80th anniversary of batman.

  17. i know this was taken away from steam, i can feel it.

  18. Steam exist
    Epic games : i'm about to end this man whole's career

    Steam with Halo MCC
    Steam : Nope

  19. Anyone else getting this weird error I booted up Arkham Knight and Arkham City and for some reason, the cutscenes move like they are being fast-forwarded and no matter how much I adjust my audio in-game and outside of game all audio is MISSING.

  20. I downloaded all six games and install Arkham City but can't launch the game. Will you please help me?

  21. when do i install Batman Arkham Knight writes error code IS-MF01-5-5 can someone help me pls?

  22. great if you don't mind total lack of controller support for anything other than offical xbox controller. epic fail again

  23. I am so sad I missed it ;(
    I've wanted Arkham city for years!

  24. This would've been amazing. If the games actually worked.

  25. How would I claim a game that I got for free on epic games?

  26. Is it free for just a week or once you buy it you own it for lifetime

  27. Hello,I have redeemed all of the six free Batman games from Epic Games but I have a question.Does Arkham Knight comes for free with the Season Pass as well to this offer ? I've seen that both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are Game of The Year Edition but at Arkham Knight it doesn't say nothing like.Can anyone,who redeemed the games from Epic for free,if Arkham Knight has all the DLC's ?

  28. I got the games and I'm on Knight now

    Are the DLCs for Knight also included?

  29. Is epic game's Batman arkham knight includes dlcs?

  30. Something is wrong. I have the trilogy redeemed. But I cannot install or download. It says OS not supported. I have Win10 64bit

  31. I wish I'd known about this when it was happening 🙁

  32. Ive only just found out about this and it was nearly 2 damn years ago >:(

  33. will batman games be free again in the next batman day??

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