Big PS5 + Xbox In Store Restocks Coming And An Unannounced Switch Game Spotted Online | News Wave -

Big PS5 + Xbox In Store Restocks Coming And An Unannounced Switch Game Spotted Online | News Wave

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The PS5 and Xbox Series X has been very difficult to find online with resellers buying up every stock release since launch. Now it looks like these systems will finally make their in store debut this week. The Switch has had many games appear online through ratings boards early with another game seemingly showing a Switch port ahead of its announcement.

Video Games on sale:

Mass Effect Legendary Edition:
Animal Crossing New Horizons:
Nier Replicant:
Captain Toad:
Paper Mario:
Trials of Mana:
Persona 5 Royal:
Tales of Vesperia:
Scarlet Nexus:
Sonic Colors Ultimate:

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00:00 – Start

00:43 – Monster Hunter Rise Gets Rush From Mega Man

1:36 – THQ Nordic Sales On eShop

2:35 – Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Announced

3:59 – PS5 And Xbox Series X Finally Going On Sale In Stores

7:43 – Alan Wake Remastered Rated For Switch

9:56 – Kena Physical Copy Announced

11:59 – Halo Infinite Flight 2 Details

14:48 – Poll

15:51 – Comment Of The Day

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  1. Pokemon TCG makes way more sense on Mobile especially because of its card system. Collecting them in real life already is some kind of a 'micro transaction' after buying a starter deck so a digital version is not much different.
    Also why I understand it not coming to Switch as it might be seen as 'gambling'.

  2. Funny how you talk about Skyrim being remastered(so many times). I'm an Elder Scrolls fan(with all it's glitches), and while I loved Skyrim, and appreciated how readily they make it available with so many releases, I've always felt that Oblivion was the superior game, and thus, it's irked me that we haven't seen a remaster of Oblivion to current consoles. Yes, it's older than Skyrim, and may not look as good, but in terms of the actual game, I enjoyed Oblivion much more than I did Skyrim. As someone who doesn't have Game Pass, I'd love to see Oblivion get the respect it deserves with remasters for current consoles.

  3. So many switch games coming and EA wants nothing to do with the Switch unless its FIFA

  4. Trading card game.

    Can't trade cards.

    Lol wut?

  5. I’ve had an Xbox series X since launch but would like to buy a PS5. I wish there was a way for them to sell it to only people that actual will play the consoles and not scalp them.

  6. Hopefully we start to see a bigger push Of stores selling consoles , It’ll finally give people a chance to get their hands on them

  7. Microsoft still allows you to get a console through retail stores online through the Microsoft website. I got one with 2 years of game pass for 37$ a month.

  8. Most recent PS4 update is reported to have fixed the cmoc battery problem, both physical and digital games should work now if battery’s dead.

  9. Bought my series x at Costco. Went for a rotisserie chicken; left with an Xbox.



  12. Wait i thought the pokemon card game was already on mobile?

  13. Is Scorn still to be released on gamepass 2021 ? I remember how hyped some guys was about this game, I'm not.

  14. Hey Spawn — is it safe to say the PS5 and/or Series X had a disastrous launch? It's been almost a year since arguably the most hyped versions of these consoles launched and you can't buy them. Has this ever happened before? I feel like everyone is used to this situation by now but it's still very weird.

  15. I can’t be the only one to find it odd if they’re having trouble making a stable 12v12 match experience. We’ve had games with significantly higher player counts on two generations older hardware, so even if they’re having to factor in the Xbone that still seems weird to me and more like they’re maybe just behind still.

  16. Wassup Jon(SW).

    MH: Rise x Megaman is awesome stuff.

    Alot of really cool THQNordic Games for Sale on Steam and I think Jagged Alliance 1 Gold Edition and Titan Quest Anniversary Edition are available for Free if you Download them before a certain Date.

    That is ashame the Pokémon Trading Card Game isn't on the Switch.

    Hopefully people can get themselves a PS5 and or Series X.

    I do think Alan Wake is coming too the Switch but I get a funny feeling it'll be the Original version, more than likely it's a Cloud Edition of Alan Wake Remastered or could be both lol, either way Alan Wake showing up on the Switch and during a Nintendo Direct would be really cool too see.

    Yh I have the Digital version of Kena Downloaded, I'll pick up the Physical version down the road.

    Hopefully the Halo Infinite Flight 2 goes well and should be a ton of fun for Halo Fans.

    Excellent Poll, if a Castlevania GBA Collection comes, that is a Day One Purchase for those who have Played them before and it should be a Day One Purchase for New Comers aswell, as it would be great Collection too have on the Switch.

    Really good Comment, it would be interesting too see if people would be happy Paying 10-15 Bucks per Month for a Netflix style Streaming Service for Nintendo's Classic Games + the Switch Paid Online Service on top for 140-200 Bucks or Pay a One Off Fee for the Switch Online Service for around 80-100 Bucks having All the Classic Games there or just bring back the Virtual Console and let us Buy the Games we want.

  17. I already wasn't going to buy Kena because there were no reviews available for the game and it wasn't physical. Reviews look like they're trickling out now and are mostly positive but honestly I'll just wait to pick it up physically. I'm still playing my way through Tales of Arise anyway along with FFXIV stuff.

  18. For reasons I wont go into here, there's another huge chip shortage coming in the near future. If there's electronics with advanced chips that you need or want, get them now. Thank me later.

  19. If I was THQ Nordic which I'm not but if I was I would focus on Destroy All Humans remember loving this game when I was younger I was switched the perspectives of first-person perspective like Call of Duty but I would make it just have you know futuristic weapons on one side you know that Halo style weapons on one side and then no more traditional weapons on another side but they're both good Odyssey and instead of a helicopter like Call of Duty you would get the spaceship that comes down and starts doing the Independence Day and blowing stuff up biggest bee cartoonish variation of Call of Duty but it would still be fun because it would have like a cartoonish goofy ass back to it but I think the the general idea of aliens taking over the world Lake Forest is one of the alien weapons can just want to hit you you just completely vaporize into charcoal ash may be briefly looking like a charcoal burnt human with just the cartoon eye showing where the eyeballs are the only thing that you really recognize other than charcoal black silhouette of the character before they disintegrate or fall apart into ashes LOL on the ground

  20. I think I'll wait for the "Pros" the "slims" whatever they call them etc.

  21. But I did really love that game I believe is on Playstation One when it first came out it is a pretty fun game trying to stop the aliens it was a great game or I believe you were the aliens and you're trying to avoid the Army trying to Sister lol it was a good game as a lot of fun I remember really liking the game and I was younger I don't know necessarily if people are really into those bird's-eye view type style games anymore but it would be dope if it was a first person perspective like Call of Duty just maybe a little more goofing cartoonish funny sound effects hopefully they also have taunts in the game always

  22. Shipping their fault out resealabd commiting industry attacks wit industrial equipment

  23. Both sides bye Japan illegal for you attack china your the blame

  24. Can you go over the PS4 9.0 update and if sony is actually going to fix the issues?

  25. Hopefully people buy Xbox and playstion instead of new the switch

  26. Let me tell you something: Seeing Kena: Bridge Of Spirits the first time it was announced on the "future Of Gaming" show from Sony, Playstation. I fell in love with this game immediately! I knew i would be buying this beautiful game! When the digital deluxe version became available i immediately bought it and by the time that i did the physical edition was announced pretty much back to back without me knowing it! So yeah, i will buy it again physically. I'm a collector and to have a physical copy of (any game) that i like is worth it for me to own it! So i'll buy it again and in doing so i will also be able to support this developer! 😀

  27. I prefer to collect physical copies of games. Kena is one I didn’t need to play day of release. So I’ll wait for the physical deluxe. Compared to other game prices too rn 40ish for a deluxe is nice.

  28. Dang it… Kena physical copy. Already started playing it today. Fun game. Waiting on the reviews from possibly you and RGT85.

  29. You people are fools if you believe the PS5 exists. Anyone who claims to have one is a liar. The PS5 is a fake game system invented by Sony as a marketing scam.

  30. I can wait for Kena..just glad its getting a Physical .whew NO DIGITAL PWEESE~ 😛

  31. Control cloud edition didn’t release on Latin America , if it’s a Brazil board , meaning it will sell in Brazil , it most probably an native port

  32. There is exactly a zero % chance that Nintendo would put their subscription service on PC and mobile. 😅😅 All I want is for Nintendo to let me buy their retro games on their system. …and to have the Perfect Dark remaster ported to the Switch!!!!!!!!!

  33. Waiting 2 Months for a Physical Copy is a problem? Damn, patience is something most ppl don't have anymore it seems.

  34. Nintendo will never put their games on PC. It's a competing platform, and unlike Sony, Nintendo has the sense not to release their games on competing platforms. What I can see them doing is releasing a similar service when they release the successor to the Switch. My concern about that service is them tying backwards compatibility to it.

  35. $10 a month instead of $20 a year? Fuck you hell no

  36. Spawn just get the game digital and physically when it comes out, I'm sure you have the money for both

  37. I wonder if i will manage to get my hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X
    Probably not for a while

  38. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the grind. Every day at 1PM UK time I’m able to catch up on the latest during my lunch. Thanks man ❤️

  39. Today is the day….The day my PS5 arrives…finally man……finally.

  40. About a month ago I went to see my grandma and she has a huge mall by her house and in the mall was a eb games and on the shelf was a brand new ps5 and I was flabbergasted that I saw one in a store and also very disappointed I couldn't get it but see that and hearing about them coming to stores give me hope I will get one soon

  41. Probably worth mentioning is the PS4 CMOS Battery Bomb issue has reportedly been fixed as of the latest firmware update.

  42. Best way to get a new console is to be a Gamestop Power Rewards Pro. It stops the bots. Got my PS5 last week.

  43. I would love another kind of Ring Fit Adventure as I did enjoy the game but I'd be more hyped for N64!

  44. Thanks for this video, it made me smile to see the PS5 coming back forbsale in stores… as I've YET to pick one up myself yet

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