Buy these 70+ PlayStation 1 games on the PlayStation 3 store while you still can!! -

Buy these 70+ PlayStation 1 games on the PlayStation 3 store while you still can!!

Radical Reggie
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(Update!) The ps3 store and vita stores are not closing anymore. Sony had a change of heart.

You folks asked me to make a PlayStation 1 classics video so here it is. These are most of the games I think that are worth picking up on the PlayStation 3 store. All PlayStation 1 games you purchase can be played on the ps3 psp and the vita. So you have 3 platforms you can play them on.

Let me know if you all want to see an Ps2 video on the store next in the comments section.




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  1. Can you access the ps3 store if u have a PS4? Just can’t seem to find xenogears to save my life

  2. Gex 3 be like: I feel like i'm in boy georges pants

  3. Can´t find Metal Gear Solid in the US PS3 store! Help!

  4. PS1&2 games didn't show up in my psn store ?! WTF, i can't understand why…

  5. Not all PS1 Classics can be played on Vita. MGS and Bloody Roar 2 can not be played on Vita. Though MGS VR Mission can be.

  6. 11:53 I can’t find Deception 3 Dark Delusion in the Playstation Store

  7. Sony literally doesnt care about preserving their games or giving customers any kind of discount for the store closing. They dont desrve our money, just ride the high seas. They gave us no choice

  8. Get a European PSN account and get the game "Wrecked: Revenge Revisited"

  9. Herc's Adventure is a fantastic game you can play coop, it aged well because it's cartoon graphics, you will pay alot of money physical copy, so download it!

  10. reggie doin the lord's work. thank u sir. many of the games on this list isn't listed on the main list but search by your method. goes to show sony left the store unattended since the obama years i feel

  11. same as on PS4 and ya PS store was always a BIG MESS many of the games dont show up in any list you need to type the game name and sometimes you need to be very specific of even type the whole name and when it comes to DLCs its even worse especially to see what dlcs and addons you own and are available for your games and PS5 is no better 3 generations Sony cant make a simple easy to use and navigate store

  12. Hey bro do a psp version of this i'd like to see what games you pick

  13. I'm telling you, if you like adventure games, the first game to buy : Parasite Eve 1
    (And after of course nobody should forget any of the big old classics, MGS, Crash, Tomb raider, Rayman, FF4 to FF9…)

  14. Too bad there is no Heart of Darkness, Alone in the Dark new nightmare, Saga Frontier, Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean, Tales of Destiny, Lunar, in the PSN store.. (and a lot more) 🤔

  15. Dont panic buy these ps1 titles for your ps3. Wait for them to be released again perhaps as some sort of collection as soon as the ps3 psn goes dead.

  16. new drinking game for these videos !! every time Reggie says "the physical copy is really expensive" you must drink !!!! your awesome by the way Reggie , keep em coming 🙂

  17. Vagrant Story is not to be missed! It's a masterpiece!

  18. But here's the thing, apparently there's still an internal clock that you have to worry about when it comes to digitally bought games. You're not actually buying to own, you're buying the license to play the digital on the PS3 console. I'm hearing that there's something in the system, some type of battery, that checks to make sure you bought and can play these games but when that battery dies, and eventually it will because nothing last forever, you will need access to the internet to confirm that you can play these games. One day, your PS3 will not have access to the internet because Sony will not support the system forever. So what then?

  19. Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Alundra unavailable on psn Europe 😭

  20. I just hacked my PS3 slim since its becoming end of life and installed the pkgi store which is just a list of over 12,000 PS3, PS2, and PSX games to download for free. If you dont want to deal with PSN and Sony not doing a psn sale I say hack your ps3 and get the pkgi store.

  21. Update: 2 hours ago Sony retconned their decision to close the PS3 and Vita stores… The PSP store is still set to close on July 2… But good work all of us… We helped preserve the playabilty of these older systems for a while longer thanks to our swarming to the older shops… Now just occasionally buy a few older games and we might be able to stem it off even further.

  22. Fortunately Sony heard the outcry from people and have decided to NOT close the PS3 or VITA store. PSP store will still be closed.

  23. False alarm. They're keeping the store up after all.

  24. Wow
    Over the half of the ps1 titles you show in this video,
    you cannot get on the Europa PS3 STORE …
    If you have to buy them as physics copy you have to pay crazy amount of money for PAL version.
    Wish there were some interesting titles on the Europa PS3 STORE,
    instead of just the mainstream boring titles 🙁

  25. Liking parasite eve 2 more than one is definitely a rare opinion

  26. i am not seeing chrono cross when i search it on Vita

  27. So i got a ps3 couple days ok because of you amazing list of classic games Reggie.
    Im so happy and looking forward to buy all these great games on the cheap. Thank you my friend.
    From Retro Ronny.

  28. Best way to find PS1 classic games are:
    1. Type in 'CLASSIC'
    2. Type in 'PSONE'
    3. Type in 'PS3' (yes, this list will also feature a few PS1 Classic games)

    P.S. And yeah, 'FRONT MISSION 3' is totally worth getting for any fans of mechs, Final Fantasy Tactics and old school Squaresoft in general. Possibly my favorite game of all time (if I HAD to choose just one. )

  29. These games take me back.. god I hate myself

  30. Thanks for the video, any chance you could list all
    The SHMUPS on the network?

  31. Buying a PS3 to get some of these classic games 🙌 I never knew so many of them were available on the PS3 store

  32. Not even sad about this list , not grabbing them on the ps3 store , but I am downloading them and putting them on my sd card for my xstation

  33. Reggie, you're awesome, but why would I ever give Sony my money after what they're doing now?

    Especially when I can download each and every one of these games for free and play it through my laptop and onto my TV.

  34. All Monkeypaw reproductions removed in pal region, so no more tombi/ tomba etc

  35. Unfortunately most of these are not available on the UK store

  36. Great list thanks man. Just got me a ps3 super slim and need these ps1 games.

  37. One! I never hear anyone talk about that game. I own a physical copy and still play it a lot. I remember renting it at Blockbuster back in the day.

  38. Everyone should know that Strider 2 when you play it you need to go to the menu system in the options and change the disk because it starts you on Strider 1. Its a little confusing at first.

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