Chivalry 2 - Beta Announce | Release Date | Dev Diary | Epic Games Store Spring Showcase -

Chivalry 2 – Beta Announce | Release Date | Dev Diary | Epic Games Store Spring Showcase

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Check out this video on Chivalry 2 and its beta announcement coming to the Epic Games store featuring developer comments and reactions!


  1. If those fatass shit buckets are gonna be able to pull off those dead angle swings doing a 360 it's gonna flop.


  3. Game is called Chivalry, thumbnail shows knight mockingly showing off his opponents severed head.
    Also no "AGATHAAA"??
    Is this really chivalry

  4. Is this game gonna be free I just saw it today?

  5. Funny thing is is that Dice and EA still could make a battlefield game set during the 100 years war and do the War of the Roses as a massive dlc update later. Here me out first guys lol just think for a second. The franchise is an fps traditionally but the core idea is historic military action. The potential for this is nuts this looks great but if Dice took a chance on this concept and just added the cinematic hollywood flair of gameplay the regular battlefields have it could be a bestseller. Plus add in horses, cannons, medieval tanks, war chariots, siege towers, and naval combat with sword and armor customization like for honor. And fight for factions like Scotland, Wales, England, France, and Germany in huge battles like Agincourt and the battle of Hastings. On nextgen it could be visually stunning. The level of originality and creativity for this idea is there for the taking.

  6. Imagine a single player game like that? Think about a new dark messiah of might and magic with this combat?

  7. last time I was up that early, this whole thing was call Age of Chivalry and it was a mod for HL2, had an actual plot line (instead of Red vs Blue BS), and I was the legend of the forsakenplanet server, with catapult K/D that made grown men cry 😀

  8. All that comparison to Chivalry 1 is completely unnecessary.
    Nobody is playing that anymore. Compare it to Mordhau instead, that's really all we are interested in
    Is it better?

  9. But can i make my own naked maul man? That's the question

  10. jesus… the editing of this commercial just makes them all sound so smug

  11. oh my this looks fanstatic, cant wait to play!!, i could also imagine a zombie mode one day

  12. why is this looks like its coming for xbox 360?

  13. Lol Torn Banner are hilarious. I'm sure I will give this a go especially after they polish it a lot, but right now this looks like a clown game.
    Someone at TB is really obsessed with decapitations. The cheesy metal sounds, the stiff movement, it all looks like a high-res version but of an old game, like Wolfenstein etc.

  14. The game releases on my birthday 😂😂
    That's awesome

  15. Looking forward to more FFA. You just can’t feel the proper impact of a rage quit in a team match.

  16. Will the controls be dumb downed/ restrictioned for console controls?

  17. I keep up to date on gaming news and never even realised this was coming out soon, excited

  18. MORDHAU still looks way better then this shit

  19. Since mordhau isn't on console I'm happy this is gonna be on console I think this will be better, mechanics seem better and it doesn't seem too much like a slash and hack game like mordhau, it feels like a medieval game and I can't wait to play this on console.

  20. I preordered chivalry 2 it looks awesome compared too the first game which was awful

  21. There’s so many different armor pieces, character customization is going to be great.

  22. Well there’s finally a reason for me to buy a PS5

  23. Thank you I loved the Agatha Knights and Mason Order.

  24. how will this game work on controller? I see it is also coming to consoles.

  25. Bro this will be the only game I play for years

  26. After Mordhau, this game looks quite dated. I am happy we get some more medieval action, but it hardly seems to "revolutionize" anything, especially not graphics and animations 😉

  27. I'm not sold on the gameplay, looks clunky

  28. Ive been waiting for this for so long.

  29. this doesn't look as good as mordhau honestly, but the community might be less toxic

  30. It seems is Time to dress again my red and black tabard and wield again my great sword attached on the wall

  31. Унылое гавно в стиле расчленёнки,для майников))

  32. Perfectly wiling to wait a year and buy this on Steam instead.

  33. Epic exclusive? aint buying it then. If epic just handed out free games every now and then i would probably ended up using it but shit like this will forever keep me away.

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