Core: Play and Create in the Multiverse | Epic Games Store Spring Showcase -

Core: Play and Create in the Multiverse | Epic Games Store Spring Showcase

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Core is an endless universe of free games to play and worlds to explore designed by a global community of developers. Play thousands of Unreal powered games in every genre imaginable, or create, share, and earn from your own! Coming to the Epic Games Store this spring.

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  1. Here's a idea for a bundle in fortnite

    It's name would be the revenge
    The skins in it would be shadow midas and galactus and 3rd skin in it would be a version of the ice king that would have one eye glowing orange and the other one completely black and he would look damaged
    Shadow midas would have a built in emote would make him look kinda like the normal midas skin it would be the model of the normal midas skin but it would have the eyes of shadow midas and what ever you would call that ghostly glowing purple anyways it would be cover some of the suit and one of his hands would be the ghostly purple and the other hand would be the gold and galactus well we all know what his emote would be and the version of the ice king would have a emote that's pretty much the Same as dooms but it would be him instead of doom and the chair would be different from dooms
    The description for the bundle would be
    Revenge is a dish best served cold

  2. Ark + minecraft + roblux + fortnite = one crazy game………can't wait for vr version

  3. Epic games vuelve a meter al juego que casi 100 personas en mi país iban Claudio Agustín Clemente se subió en 20000 así que mejor vuelve a pennywise el juego

  4. This is a game-changer. Very excited for this.

  5. epic games plz take a skin fich stick is my skin favorite but ime note have this skin

  6. Can u add superhero skins in fort nite pls ✌🏽❤️

  7. Epic games toe Fortnite to add XXXTENTACION


    I can't wait for it!!!!!!

  9. Oh wow the new rec room update looking good

  10. When is Fortnite mobile come back to the AppStore please tell me

  11. they combined fortnite and roblox to make this..

  12. how did they combine fortnite and roblox that's insane

  13. Can I get the Boogie Down 4/4 nights I can sing it

  14. Hello epic games Can you tell me Why did you stole my v bucks first i had 3850 then 2450 and now 185 Can you give me my v bucks back please or It is some stupid hacker,If It was you i hate you

  15. Can we get gta 5 for free on this year pretty please

  16. its kinda roblox.. im playing it much time ago, so im very happy to see it's going to epic games store, my favorite game store! hope the game will be popular

  17. Roses are dead”
    “Violets are dying”
    “Outside I’m smiling”
    “But inside I’m crying”

    “I just wish people would notice my content and give me a chance”……

  18. Deus não coisa para vocêpor favor poderia colocar esse bebê para

  19. epic games por que você não coloca esse simulador para Android por favor porque você é ganhar muito dinheiro e também ia fazer louco então por favor poderia fazer esse app para Android eu te peço muita gente estão pedindo para você se você não sabe o que é ser letra

  20. Please return Harley Quinn or custom skins to the store. Pleeeaaaase

  21. نبةزةقىزل لظلوزبةقوحلن١٢ف٧٩خحححلات _"-؛€_×+÷🐃🐯🦁🐼🦃

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