Counter-Strike: Source 2 leak - Rito Games Store -

Counter-Strike: Source 2 leak – Rito Games Store

Zool Smith
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They ported Cache to it but not Mirage?? Can you believe that?



  1. Why hasent valve hired this guy already?

  2. when you are bad on the game so you create your own copy of the game with your own mechanic

  3. ngl it looks pretty cool, wonder when they'll add the energy sword

  4. This is the most beautiful thing I have witnessed.

  5. I was oh cool a csgo gameplay but when this dude aimed his ak

  6. If this happens rip Cs go because I don't like valorant and people like me play csgo

  7. Pin me if no one notices the ak is just a plug-in skin of sg-553 hahah

  8. Is this valorant but with alpha textures?

  9. Bots : why are we still here….
    Just to suffer

  10. At first i was like : 😐
    then : 🤨

  11. why is this valorant,csgo,css and shit lol

  12. love the detail of the map in this video being Cache, which was designed by the head map developer for Valorant

  13. False; even when your agent is randomly selected; you can't use abilities during deathmatches, they're meant to be gunplay practice without having to use the agents' abilities.

    I main Viper and Phoenix btw.

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