Crayta Official Trailer | Available Now on Epic Games Store -

Crayta Official Trailer | Available Now on Epic Games Store

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Crayta, the free-to-play game-making game is available now on Epic Games Store! Play from an endlessly growing library of user-generated multiplayer games across a huge variety of genres. From team-based shooters and obstacle courses to farming simulators and cooking games, there’s going to be something for everyone.

We’re also excited to launch the brand-new Alien Conspiracy Battle Pass: Unravel the extra-terrestrial mysteries with our Alien Conspiracy Battle Pass! Earn XP while completing Creator Challenges and unlock all kinds of incredible content as you progress through 100 levels!

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PEGI Rating: 12 (Violence, In-Game Purchases)
ESRB Rating: T (Violence; In-Game Purchases, Users Interact)
USK Rating: 16

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  1. This is exactly what stadia needed… this will atract more potentional creators, who will create more games, which will atract more people, who will make my favourite game a lot more popular and known 🙂

  2. Well… If anything it'll show just how much attention this deserves… And how much blind prejudice and misinformation around Stadia was the cause of it yet receiving that.

  3. Hey Crayta I’m planning to do Content based on your Game. I just seen the Trailer on Epic Games.

  4. Yo, that's so cool, I think it's gonna go viral like fall guys and among us!

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