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Dauntless | Reforged, Frost Escalation, and more | Epic Games Store Spring Showcase

Epic Games
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Dauntless is a free-to-play co-op action RPG where you hunt Behemoths with your friends in the Shattered Isles. Learn more:

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  1. Greetings. Working hard on a rpg here. Thanks Epic✌️

  2. Fix that stupid loading screen ( that s the only issues most of us hate)

  3. But tell me why I have to reset my weapon skill to upgrade my gear. So lame ngl.

  4. Please more update the game is sooooooo good 🤗🎮🎮

  5. I liked this game but it's so boring now, so many people have quit this game and with good reason. Each updates brings more bugs. Nothing really to do other than hunt and craft, and the things to do become so less to do once you have crafted everything.

  6. Fuck dauntless all my homies like monster hunter world

  7. I just downloaded the game for the first time on playstation and I’m having an issue where the game automatically skips the intro and puts me into the world with an already created female character. I have already tried it with 2 different PSN accounts and it keeps doing the same thing.

    Does anyone know what could it be? I really want to give this game a try.

  8. podrían poner un arco y flecha en el juego

  9. This game is amazing I am gonna cover it on my Chanel

  10. So how can I get youtuber bonuses epic for this game

  11. Its a good game and the uptade is cool but i have reforged my account so i am a noob please stop the reforged on my account: kawasaqui 49

  12. Good job Phoenix Lab & Epic. Love the Game. Keep improve it. Fix all bugs. Always listen to Player's feedback.

  13. While loading my game get crashes and gives error. I download every games from epic games only. Each and every game get crashes can anyone help…. Example (Spell break:- only tutorial works,

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