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Dirty Devs: Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries Epic Games Store Exclusive RANT

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A couple of days ago I released a video discussing people’s fears that Piranha Games would be taking Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries to be an Epic games Store Exclusive. While Piranha’s President Russ Bullock said it was a mere web site update, he lied and the game will indeed be an Epic Exclusive. In addition, he has made several lies of omission and they have also refunded a preorder backer merely for asking a question and while that person did not want to cancel his preorder, his attempts to get them to reverse the refund have been met with they typical PGI silence.
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  1. funny thing is, i did not register that the mongos that made mwo are the ones doing mercenaries.
    After learning that, avoid like the plague.

  2. They need to sue these game devs. I don't even care about how epic pays them off. When they take YOUR money for a pre order with promises, just to go back on them, they are getting in interest free loan from your pocket. A simple refund is not enough. Devs had said the money that epic offered completely covered all the money lost from refunds. Why would they not just fund the dev themselves? because they can get a free loan from you so they don't have to take the risk. Once the game is viable, They give the money back to whoever requests a refund and replaces is with epic's money.

  3. And now the game is out and guess what. It looks like a meh game.

    Everything that is not the actual mech combat seems to be trash.

    Least I have Battletech to play.

  4. "Epic Games is so great! Look at all this money they gave me!!" – Modern day sellout.

  5. @SidAlpha – Words from a Koga: ..I dodged the bull* so far.. I knew of the bait-n-switch and heard enough about epic not to poke that thing with a big stick..

    At getting my (epic) keys, I did email PG regarding it, using some vague terms not to slander epic nor praise steam.. you know, being cordial and underestanding.. more foccused on what would happen after one year…

    Their answer was that I could hold onto my keys for as long as I wanted.. and that they had no plans for after the exclusivity ended..

    For that, I will be holding that key for about a year – not that I have a good PC to run that beautifully as I wanted right now – so.. we'll see in one year if PG reconsiders the damage of this bait-n-switch or stays epic..

    Strengh and honour.. Koga, out

  6. I'm glad I didn't back it. And every single email I get I tell them I'll be glad to get the game when it comes on steam.

    I refuse to use epic

  7. I can understand being mad at this dev, they clearly lied. But like… All of the comments seem to be about epic, not the dev. As far as I know the lies and deceit was the devs idea not epics.

  8. Don't like epic wont give them my money, these exclusivity deals do nothing but bread hate and encourages piracy!

  9. Hope Epic paid them enough to make this worth the lost sales.

  10. Jesus Christ, people need to get the fuck over the epic thing. Competition is good, even if it comes with some pain in the butt initial exclusivity, something steam and other platforms have enjoyed for years. This is exactly like the unhinged mass hysteria and mob mentality that sid alpha so bemoans in every other circumstance. It's insane.

  11. Just more reasons why everyone should play the free mod Mechwarrior Living Legends until such time as studios can get their shit together.

  12. Hate me or not I bought it because am a Mech fanboy and i play the Hell out of it! Never able to wait for it 1 year. And to all bakers how often need people to shit in their face before weake up paying in something that's development even didn't begin xD. It happened so often and people still give their money for nothing. Thx by the way xD Haha!!!!

  13. Welp least it's not mechwarrior tactics, I haven't backed anything since that shit show

  14. Any Epic exclusive will exclusively remain a game I will never purchase.

  15. Over 100 hours played and still enjoying the game.


    1) This isn't exclusivity that effects you – it effects the delivery truck. Its a deal with the deliver truck. Everyone can have things delivered by this truck without having to pay anything. Its not exclusive to the consumer in any way like picking uber over a taxi is exclusive. This isnt like console exclusives where you must buy the console to play the exclusive.

    2) Steam is the one that abuses their market position by enforcing a condition of sale that states that steams price must be the same as all other prices its offered. What this does is lock the pricing structure into the 30% steam take. So for instance I have a game I need to make 35$ a unit from to hit our financial targets. On epic I could sell that game for 40$. But because on steam I need to sell it for 50$ to make that, I also need to then sell it for 50$ on Epic as well or never be allowed to sell into the steam market. This is why steam has consolidated itself and has had no competition, because it doesn't matter if you offer a better deal than steam, because you will never be able to take advantage of that better deal to start growing your user base. Its abuse of the market position and locked us into a world without steam competition.

  16. Having learned my lesson as owner of the MWO Founder edition I decided to not be part of MW5 campaign and I am happy for that decision. In the end I did buy it on Epic because what else can I do, but at least I have not burned any extra money.

  17. honestly glad i waited for it to be on epic, got it for less than 10 usd

  18. Too bad the graphics are hopelessly bad, lacking even basic brightness or gamma controls. The UI is awful. Joystick support is epically bad, requiring extensive manual editing for even minimal functionality. Mech customization is bad, even for something as basic as weapons groupings. There is no support for multiplayer, with the Devs stupidly insisting that MWO is the equivalent of setting up custom league battles on private servers.

  19. i love the game, and i find people who hate epic fucking retards, steam is the monopoly on pc games, if u play any game with anti cheat ur whole pc gets scaned any way, what u so scared about them finding? u do realise every single thing to do with online is easy access to any one with the know how, also, origin, uplay and so many more……., epic is good how bout stop reading the internet to work out what to believe, be a gamer n just download the game n fucking play it, cause its good game, also dont pre order n by stupid expensive packs if u preorder a game for over 40 quid your a twat, your the reason these games sell for so much if u was half intelligent ud just pay around 30-40 and theyd have to drop prices, just makes me laugh how some people think there a gamer casue they complain about every thing but the game its self, and most there complaints are just stupid, just shut up n enjoy it, or get a refund n still shut up simples

  20. welp looks like i won't ever be buying mw5 fuck epic games fuck the devs

  21. I buy it once it is on steam..until than i play it cracked…fuck epic

  22. PGI is getting a lot of shit for doing, frankly, a half-assed job to push MW5 out for seasonal sales on the epic store and they damn well deserve it. The game was released unfinished with important systems seriously lacking ((Like being able to sell salvage from cold storage. That isn't even hard to program in Unreal.))

    The AI lacking general behavior profiles (Stationary, support, brawler. Right now even if all they have on them are LRM's they'll still try to brawl at point blank range. With weapons that don't work at point blank ranges.)

    Severe toning down of mech customization options (No ability to change engine sizes, limited weapons by creating seemingly arbitrary hardpoint sizes), no swap of endo/standard/ferro armor types, the list of that goes on for a while.

    What PGI did right, the feel of stompy stompy robot combat, the things PGI decided to be lazy/incompetent/greedy over however offset all of that in an extreme negative. At best the game provides a good skeleton for other people to build on but without modding tools ((Or until someone breaks the encryption, whichever happens first)) MW5 mercenaries is not in a good place.

  23. This is a pretty good reminder as to why I unsubbed from you. While not a fan of the Epic exclusive system, calling the man cowardly, (when he's probably just sick of receiving abuse for making what appeared to be a sensible business decision), seems petty and childish.

  24. Forget the Epic/Steam bs, the truth is the game is weak and vanilla without a single redeeming quality to it. PGI should be ashamed of themselves for putting out this trash. Stick with MWO.

  25. personally i think its Epic that is the problem with Exclusives, indies need the money :/….that said, lying to backers a NOT cool….this isnt something i have backed, but i have tried it with other games, and that is anger it sparks…sours the relationship with the developer a lot….

  26. All I want is just a fucking solid Mechwarrior game. It really shouldn't be that hard, just copy Mechwarrior 2 and update the graphics for fucks sake!!

  27. I got a refund on that crappy game as soon as Epic games got into the mix.

    I bought into this game at first as I was playing MWO… and Steam would have been more convenient to me as my library of game is there.

    And quite frankly… looking at the dumpster fire this turn out to be…

    And still is…

    I regret nothing.

  28. Never heard you that angry, man. Sorry that happened to you, man!

  29. all this mimimi about a simple launcher.really guys, get a life… or at least real problems xD

  30. You twats getting all hurt because its on epic exclusively but that doesnt fucking matter. "Oh epics store doesnt have the features i like and other things that i want" heres all you need for it to work, a search bar, games to browse, and a library to keep them in. Does epic have that? YES! So there is no reason to hate epics store. I have both steam and epic and i dont see a problem with either one and believe both to be worth having. So you all need to pull those sticks out of your asses and get over your steam worshiping hatred. You do realize that its your cult like dependency on steam that has caused so many problems for the platform and for valve right? With so many people dependent on steam valve doesnt have to make half life 3, they dont have to make new portal games or new left for dead games. They get all their money from people uploading things onto their store and you buying them in bulk. Get over yourselves. While i do see this company deserving of the hatred for tricking their customers and trying to lie over and over again i dont think epics store is to blame at all.

  31. Oh, so we got idiotic Fanboys pissed off because it's not on their platform of choice, huh? Well, guess what honey-buns, not every developer agrees with Steam and is going to put their game on that shitty platform, you morons. – Good Day!

  32. The only reason that I have not bought and played this awesme game, is that it is not on Steam. Steam is my only platform for my games. Sad that there are certain games that I can not and will not play,because of this. I chose not to down load endless websites just to play a few game. One platform only!

  33. Wow! Nice rant and totally agree. I'm a steam only user. I also happen to be slowly catching up with your APGaming Battlech sessions. I hope they are still ongoing. Love the antics! It's my favorite series, even over HBS older sessions, where they wreck their minatures with every hit. lol!
    Keep up the good fight, sir!

  34. Of course it's Epic exclusive. UE4 game engine = Epic launcher. The most disappointing part for me is how the Mechwarrior series was handed off to a bunch of amateur devs.

  35. I don't dislike epic exclusives, but the shitty handling by devs when they decide to DO it is getting me worried.

  36. Any game that goes EGS exclusive deserve to be in the Dirty Dev list. Any game that requires malware to play deserves to be called out for it.

  37. I've been to MWO since closed beta. I supported the game with real money pre-ordering some mech packs, which are really expensive in Russia compared to adapted pricing. When I got the word that the game is coming to forknite game store I issued a refund in the very same hour I got the news, and I stopped supporting them. I felt betrayed.
    Steam player base supported the game. I played this game before it was even anounced on Steam and I was good at it. I was part of TCAF and during the early clan days I spent hours in clan matchmaking with my unit trying to expand the House Liao to the planet of Tikonov. Wanted to be one of those who claim this planet from Davions. And we in TCAF were competitive and organized. Good days.
    Well, I feel much colder towards the whole battletech franchise after what happened. Never played MWO since. Never opened my battletech introductory set box since. Such a strong and kinda dumb association just burried my love towards the second oldest wargame franchise.

  38. Just pirate the game if the industry doesn't want my business it wont get it

  39. I personally wouldn't mind them being placed on the dirty devs list they misled their consumers and stole money from people who were assuming they would get their game on steam

  40. It's a shame that they did this. Honestly, I wish MW 5 had been produced by Hairbrained Schemes. They did an excellent job with Battletech. I'll keep an eye on it coming to Humble if/when it gets a Steam release, that way 100% of the purchase can go to a charity I choose. Otherwise, drop tha sails, load tha cannons an' ahoy ye maties thar be th' story o' how I ended up 'n th' bay o' pirates…

  41. The greed has destroyed the Gaming Industry unfortunately 🙁

  42. Hay sid just curious as a person who love mech games..where would be a good Place to start on Mech warriors on pc?

  43. So a year has passed and still no steam release.

  44. Now, in April 2021, PGI is desperately trying to get their player base for MWO back, and I was instantly reminded of this whole debacle. You overheated yourself, PGI.

  45. And this is just proof as to why pre-order culture is so stupid. Why go about pre-buying a game before you even know 100% how good or bad a game is or is going to be for yourself when you can wait for it to come out, look at reviews, and a make a much more informed decision and not get screwed around or bait and switched or having to refund when they pull shady stuff or lie.

  46. How was this game the PC game they were showing off like it was new this year at E3?

  47. Marketing? Frickin a, I had to find out about this game from RazörFist on one of his Razör Arcade streams. Battletech and Mechwarrior have such a small niche market, they don't have much room to advertise the game. From what I've seen since the game's release on Epic to now, he's full of crap. PGI barely did the bare minimum to the game for DLC. I would have expected better AI, fixed the broken in game economy, and added to the story.

  48. The devs at Parana games and epic need to be thrown out the window.

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