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Disco Elysium – Official Epic Games Store Announcement Trailer

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Guerilla Collective’s Live Showcase Event reveals this new trailer of Disco Elysium!


  1. Ay that game that won a ton of awards but I didn't even know existed

  2. Time to go through a playthrough with a character with no pants , and make him insane

  3. I want this on PS4. Its coming but next year.

  4. I actually like Epic game launch. It’s still lack few stuff but the interface looks good and slick. And the free games are just awesome

  5. Please translate to Spanish…Please.

  6. could you add more bass to the announcers voice or that was all you had in hand at the time

  7. Finally! I've always wanted to play this game on the Epic Store. Didn't feel right playing it on Steam

  8. I don't know or care what makes a "true" RPG.

    I like to play a "good" game.

  9. What a joke of a game…
    Im not reading 10 million texts from NPCs, its called voice actors…whats wrong with these people? Imagine RDR2 with no voice work? Lul.

  10. oh man you had me… until you said "epic store".

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