Epic Games Denies Hurting Cyberpunk 2077 or CD Projekt PC Store, SLAMS Valve's Steam Sale... - palmgamerstore.com

Epic Games Denies Hurting Cyberpunk 2077 or CD Projekt PC Store, SLAMS Valve’s Steam Sale…

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★ Epic Games creates chaos with more PC exclusives & Youtubers question Epic’s relationship with competitor CD Projekt Red. ★
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  1. Nobody likes Epic, and it only stays afloat thanks to kids using their parents credit cards.

  2. I just got to say thank you to the epic game store because I now by more games on my PC and on steam. I even used GOG now more then I ever have.

  3. CDPR is so gamer friendly refused to use DRM due to increase in load times, cpu usage, etc… and now refuses to force specific store. EPIC is garbage I'm in canada there is no canadian currency on the store so I would have to pay a fee to convert can to usd thus costing me more for each game exclusives need to go fast. Epic better be doing this just to get started.

  4. Lol, gonna get hard to justify buying new games with companies acting this way. EA, take 2, and now epic are on my do not buy lists. Bummer

  5. Epic Games is owned by Tencent (chinese company)

    Its obvious

  6. Got to admit. I find Tim Sweeney has a face that just makes me want to punch it. Not sure why.

  7. The " battle " between epic and valve seems to only have one side fighting… and they are losing XD

  8. I have to ask, why are people so upset about epic stores little 1 year exclusives? I am a PC player, and you don't hear be go all bananas over console exclusives, I wish I could play red dead redemption 1 and 2. GTA 5 as it came out to PC 5 years later or whatnot I gave full price for it, Know what? I regret that I did that. I shouldn't have bought it at all, and that is what I will do with all other greedy companies?

    They don't care about us or what we think, as long as we pay.. you pay you lose! you do also lose if you pay on steam as it's a halfwitted boycot..

    I won't pay for any games exclusives one way or another.

    I'm even on the edge of saying denuvo DRM games are a no as well as..
    1. if the game is good it will sell (wont it witcher 3 which i bought before trying it, "at a friends")
    2. game could be quite half-crap and it's a way of forcing people on a sequel
    3. pure greed and then again… i can play older games as they were made of love and care and the newer ones rarely offers anything.. with the exceptions as for now and for me are larian studios and cd projekt..

    not long ago I would've added bethesda and a few more but… nah 🙂

  9. Epic is trying to establish themselves in the market i am fine with that but what Microsoft and cd projekt red deliver with gamepass and witcher and ciberpunk series is so much bigger that any smart person can see that epic just has lot of Money. Costumers should protest with their wallets. I believe in the present cd projekt red and Microsoft are 2 companies that i can thrust and and believe that nonsense we sometimes see in the media is all orchestrated by the lootbox and p2w crowd like activision, ea and so on so i as consumer won't buy their shit. Epic is not desrepecting the consume with their shop people just like to make a tantrum over everything. And also more money to the companies thqt work with epic so they can do better games and more time to have improved experiences.

  10. Epic being shady douche bags and pissing off consumers? What, nooooooo, that’s imposible.

  11. Its good that game companies get more money still.. Cant help my blood boil there when there is no incentive to buy except exclusivity. Like consumers are massive pile of shit that can be turded on.

  12. I'm on steam, I like Steam, I am not moving from steam. If some dipshits want to release thier game somplace else for a year I will likely have forgotten about it by the time it his steam and they wont end up with my money. Thats thier problem I am not subscribing to 20 different services. I have more than enough passwords I don't need any more. Shows Netflix and just Netflix, Games Steam and just steam, Music Spotify and just spotify. Fucking christ you want me to subscribe to your service than make it beeter than the one I am using. I am not and will not subsribe to 500 different things.

  13. I love Epic's attempts at trying to say they support the free market. Because they clearly dont know what that is. Exclusivity is not free market. The consumers dictate what is successful. We decided on Steam and GoG, because they have useful worthwhile consumer friendly systems. Shopping cart? Wish-list? Regular timed sales? Offline modes? Reviews?
    If Epic wants to make so much as even a dent in the competitions, they need to get their shit together. I will not give them a single damn penny, when theres far better alternatives. If they have the millions to be dishing out on exclusive deals, they have the money to be paying coders to make their platform better.
    Trust me, I'll wait for it to come to steam or gog. And if it doesnt, im not losing any sleep over pirating.

  14. I will never get a game thats on the epic platform.

  15. Can't believe I'm over 10 months away from getting The Outer Worlds even though I've easily put over 1000 hours into the Fallout games (not even including TES). They claim they've done well and better than they thought but we all know they lost money since most PC players got a $1 MS account or whatever and then canceled it after they played the fuck out of it.

  16. I mean the steam monopoly is real. I didn't even buy bl3 or shenmue (which I want badly). I am waiting for the bl3/S3 release on steam to keep my collections together. If they would have included the first games I would have bought them on epic. But it sucks with GOG being effected. In fact if epic wants to prove a point and hurt steam they should allow non intrusive stores to get the release too. I find epic store and GOG not intrusive but awesome. I hate the idea of epic hurting GOG. This feels like politics at this point. Steam is all mighty. I decide if i am buying games on where they are released. Shit like origin IDGAF about. Thats them making you install extra software for personal access to their library. FUCK YOU I am not installing another heavy ass loader on my PC. Epic and GOG is lightweight and to the point with everything they can get. SUCK MY ASS ORIGIN and UPLAY.

  17. Guys,epic store give 1 FREE GAME every day and 10 euro discount for all games until 1 january and you can buy triple aaa games with 5.-10 euro. Assassin origin with 10 euro discount cost from 14.99 to 4.99 and this game is huge. With 50 euro you can buy 8-10 good games.

  18. Anita – LET ME HELP YOU MAKE A GAME BASED ON A BOARD GAME THAT I HAVE ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF CUZ = MORE MONEY FROM WIDER AUDIENCE! good grief, out of all the devs, CDPRJKT has realized being chill is how you rake in dough. Anita lead the woke revolution and went broke like the rest.

  19. The new guy have tried to help epic store fighting monopoly but epic store is not ending it, but new guy still has faith in it

  20. Buying the rights to games so only your store can sell it is monopoly, so epic store kindly get a reality check

  21. Buying the rights to games so only your store can sell it is monopoly, so epic store kindly get a reality check

  22. Buying the rights to games so only your store can sell it is monopoly, so epic store kindly get a reality check

  23. least epic is saving me money, more games is on their market place less games i buy ha!

  24. Epic games isn't trying to take slot if good games it's more of steam that kicks them good games out of that platform epic has been doing good to give gamers what they want an I have it on my PC plus steam is trash because they don't want to do shit

  25. When I get my pc the only launcher is gonna be gog and Microsoft games nothing else is appealing to me

  26. I have no idea what is going on in the game industries until today. And man the connection is ridiculous.. Great video

  27. I gotta be honest, I really enjoy Epic's look compared to Steam. it's so clean and nice. Also the weekly free games are nice as well.

  28. I just want the game to come out already !!!!!

  29. The only reason I use Epic Games are the free games they give

  30. Honestly this is all the fault of copyright.

    Exclusivity would never be able to work without it

  31. Plain and friggin simple… the FACT of the matter is – "no company like epic, does what they do ONLY to better the market, there is ALWAYS a selfish reason within their plans. Always always always always.. Epic games IS NOT the friggin Robin hood of the game store industry. That is a joke"

    To even hint at it is clearly playing with people's minds to get attention off of what they are truly doing.. Which is – anything they can to get ahead.. Period.
    I admit steam is the leader to a point where it is nearly a monopoly(keyword nearly) , and they have been for a long time, steam was around back when these competitors of theirs didn't even exist.
    I can understand wanting the market to have options, the entire idea GOG has with removing DRM's, and creating a launcher to handle every game in one spot is nice, however every other store and community and/or launcher that pops up is just another headache for me, IMO. As much as I hate the idea of monopolies, I have to admit reality which is – it is nice to have my games all in the same place….. But as I said, I also believe in fairness and diversity.
    It is a tough situation.

    *But forcing people onto their store with forcing consumer and developers hands by making games exclusives, that is NOT okay.. *

    Oh hell no! I will never ever do business with a company like that..

  32. what's funnier is that Tencent are developing a 'FPS Cyberpunk' game called syn, do they really think that it can match the decade old hype of cyberpunk? what insolence.

  33. For all valve fanboy, competition is good for consumer!👻 epic tim has challenge gabe valve to reduce 30% cut in return epic promise not to make any more game exclusive anymore. Epic is aiming at steam not gog. Gog will not die because gog has a killer feature no drm, there will be a market for that. U may not believe it but epic tim is on crusade to force steam reducing the 30% cut that hurting small developer 👍

  34. you're not dead epic store ??? oO
    why ?
    and when ?

  35. dude do you think cyberpunk is given as a mysterious game in 2077 epic games?

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