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Epic Games Store Can Block Your Account For Buying Too Many Games Too Quickly

Jim Sterling
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Oh, Epic!

The Epic Games Store has hit another bump in the roadmap, as it’s emerged that buying too many games too quickly can flag your account as potentially fraudulent.

This is pretty rubbish news for a store that’s having a major sale and boasts no shopping cart.

Just think of Jo Lo Truglio and it’ll all be fine.


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  1. I'm thinking that the lack of a shopping cart function is on purpose at this point. What do people use the shopping cart for before they use it to buy everything they intend to buy all in one transaction? We look at the total cost and determine if we should remove any tentative purchases. If we only see several smaller numbers on separate occasions, it has a very different effect than if we were to see the lump sum as one big number. We also generally need to look at our choices alongside each other in order to realize that perhaps some of them could be done with being left out. A lack of a shopping cart has likely resulted in many people spending much more money than they'd meant to.

  2. One day, we may find a worthy competitor for steam-but it's not going to be for a long, long time.

  3. It's not all bad, Epic managed to make torrenting relevant again.

  4. Can someone tell me what is the name of the gta-looking game that is played throughout this video ?

  5. I was hoping that it was just a software bug.
    But goddamn, its like that kid that invites you to play in their house but doesn't want you to touch the toys.

  6. Oh yeah I forgot

    Did you know in the Unreal Engine store where you can buy models, animations, materials, sounds, blueprints (pre-baked blocks of code) including elements of Epic Games cancelled MOBA there's a shopping cart there to buy the stuff with?

    Go down to the Unreal Engine on the left tabs then use the tabs at the top of the screen to navigate to the marketplace. There's a lot of free content there too for budding creators.

  7. This video convinced me to buy Shakedown: Hawaii. From the PSN store.

  8. listen here, epic for sure loves it when their stuff dont succeed as much or there is uncomfortable shit for the user in the news. Because then epic has no problems to argue to their workers why they get not a raise/are paid too low…

  9. I think it's a flawed assumption to make to assume that what Epic is doing is 'working' just because they have spent a lot of money.

    Until game publishers are choosing to put their games on EGS in large numbers, without needing to be bribed to do so with exclusivity deals, and gamers are choosing to buy from EGS in large numbers even when those games are available in other stores, then Epic has succeeded. In the mean time, they're farting in the wind, burning a whole lot of cash, buying themselves a trophy for a sport they're not even competing in.

    OF COURSE your store is going to have users when you buy very hyped up games everyone is looking forward to as exclusives and force people to use it… but that costs money and it doesn't turn a profit, and believe it or not Epic doesn't have a bottomless pit of money, and Fortnite isn't going to be a money printing machine forever.

    In my opinion, Epic won't succeed in the long run, because no matter how many exclusives they buy, customers are still choosing to buy elsewhere when they can. So as soon as Epic stops buying exclusives, they won't have any more users. So far Epic has displayed they have zero idea how to actually create a store that people want to use, so long term, there's no risk here, EGS is a flash in the pan.

  10. I work in a bank fraud department, I feel called out

  11. Even Steam is not like that, you can even buy like a collection bundle from every big games

  12. So like, yeah, on one hand you're right and capitalism is bullshit and allows / encourages stuff like this. That is factually true.

    On the other hand, "Save your hate for…" and taking heat off of Epic for their misdeeds is just further lessening the incentive they have to shape the fuck up. There's no systemic incentive because the system is bought and paid for. Why try to douse what incentives that grassroots consumers provide? If we shrug and say "Welp that's just the system, nothing we can do", that's to Epic's advantage.

  13. Even the website I sell drugs on has a shopping cart! ;D

  14. The Epic Games Store is fucking ridiculously terrible. STEAM SHITS ON EPIC GAMES.
    I just logged into my account for the first time in a while to buy The Outer Wilds, and my country was suddenly set to the fucking Philippines, therefore not allowing me to make any purchases.
    "Please buy the game from your own country". LOL! WHAT?
    Change my location you say? NOPE. CAN'T LOL. "Contact consumer support to change your country".
    Contacted, no live support, no nothing, no response for hours so far.
    Made a new account, finally bought the fucking game, and then it sits in "Library", "LOADING"??? What is it loading? No one fucking knows.
    Exit the store, re-open, re-log, and finally I can start installing my fucking game.

  15. So when does the backlash…lash….Lash… bandwagon start? I`m saving my anger and indignation for something really worthwhile…🙄
    (if I can navigate through all the double negatives and work out why I`m supposed to be angry in the first place…)

  16. 0:08 I'm sorry but when I see that face all I can think of is the adoring fan from Skyrim.

  17. Epics business model is interesting I can get where they are coming from, they are buying up exclusives and giving dirt cheap sales that come off their money to entice people to their service, the problem is they are doing it a little too early, their service isnt finished yet and when people take the bait they will see just how unfinished it is, so that when a game comes out for both epic store and steam, people are still going to buy on steam, because the service is actually better.

    An example is uplay, everyone HATES uplay, because it was when it came out utterly shit and forced everyone buying a uplay game on steam to use it, these days Uplay is actually a half way decent service (even offering 20% off on brand new titles if you spend some of their weird arbitrary currency you earn from playing their games) but nobody thinks or wants to use it because of the terrible early reception it got and it is really hard to see Epic actually succeeding as it looks like they have gone and done the exact same thing.

  18. Epic just keeps making it easier and easier to boycott

  19. So, I buy paper model railway building kits, that you download and print at your house or local print shop. Okay, pretty small market, niche thing, right?
    Both websites I buy these kits from, have shopping carts… Both of them.
    I really can't comprehend how an online store doesn't have a shopping cart unless they sell literally 1 thing.

  20. That commenter on Plunkett's article's a weird one. I can't stand the people who think that Software as a Service is the one true path that all software is marching towards. Platform/Infrastructure as a Service also exist, two options that involve installing your OWN software on there. Outsourcing your software so it's running on someone else's machine and you access it (which is what SaaS actually is, not a DRM filled store) is great for a lot of things, Email is one of the oldest and best examples. SaaS is not useful for software that runs on your computer, since then, it's not software as a service. If you're talking about the weird hybrid of SaaS and locally running software with games that rely on a central server to function, that isn't an improvement. That's the developers having the power to kill the thing you paid for, creating an artificial dependency either due to stupidity or a desire to get you to play their next game. Unless you've got an MMO, it's pointless, and even then you should let people play it after you're done profiting off of it, as a matter of preservation. Same goes for all software. People can emulate WoW and EVE Online, you can run MMOs on local machines. Trust me, there's some freak out there with a server rack in his bedroom that wants to run that kind of thing, and that freak would be me if I had the money.

    By the way, for those of you going "What the fuck does this have to do with the Epic Games store?", I'd like to say yes, what the fuck does this have to do with the Epic Games Store? What is this dude bringing up Software as a Service for when talking about a game store? The article is just about EGS blocking you from buying too many games. That's a storefront's anti-fraud, we aren't even talking about how you might not really own your games on the Epic store, which is a problem Steam has too. This guy just felt like preaching about the virtues of not getting to own things because it's so convenient to have your software running on someone else's machine, updated whether you want it to or not, removing or changing features because they know better than you what you want to do. Maybe I'm being too harsh, it is admittedly good that you can ensure your software is only running on environments you prepared for, so you have less errors due to other people's weird hardware or software configurations. It really is a great model for a ton of things, you can streamline the process a lot. HOWEVER, again… what the hell does that have to do with Epic? The store is basically a website, these things have ALWAYS been online. The only difference is that the Epic store is underdeveloped crap.

  21. Out of nowhere, Joe Lo Truglio! Oh Jim, you so random! 🤣

  22. It'll take them six months to code a shopping cart? Epic, call me! I'll code it in two days!

  23. Hmmmmmm sounds like my bank. Go to the store and buy FOOD, to you know, live. Flagged, locked, fuck you. Fraudster gets my info somehow. Charges $1000 dollars before they realized its fraud.

  24. Me : "I want to buy these game because it's cool".
    Steam :" Buy as many as you want".
    GoG : " Buy as many as you want ".
    Epic : " Hey that's too much".
    Me : " Wait what, come on Epic I just want to shop "
    Epic : " It's illegal to buy too much ".
    Me : " How much is too much ? "
    Epic : No response


  26. After watching 80+ videos from this channel. This video has the first ad I've ever watched.

  27. I really dont see a problem with an economic system allowing you to operate your own store however you like even in the shittiest possible way, while at the same time allowing people to ignore your store completely and/or buy from the competitors. I agree that Epic Store is a parody of Steam and nothing more at this point, so I just buy from Steam and GoG. This stupid hatred towards capitalism is umm stupid.

  28. February 2020 and still no shopping cart. I don't see it as a huge problem, because it's not like we have to group items into one purchase to save on shipping costs or whatever. When you've decided you want to buy a game, just buy it, then continue shopping. There's no actual need to buy multiple games together, is there? The only savings would be the slight increase in efficiency from only having to click "place order" once. But there still should be a shopping cart on a

    Fraud protection when buying many games isn't a bad idea per se, but five may be a bit of a low limit.

    Platform-specific exclusive game sale performance could be tested with games that come in two different versions, like Pokemon games do. Although I don't suppose Epic and Valve would ever let that happen, so we'd still need a parallel universe where big corporations were scientifically curious about meaningless things.

    Also, one of Epic's free weekly games this week is an Assassin's Creed game. Those are made by Ubisoft. Ubisoft already has a digital distribution service. Why is one of their games on the Epic launcher?

  29. can we download a game in future after purchasing it from epic games?

  30. Bruh my account is blocked from buying stuff and I can’t even claim GTA V

  31. yeh so i wanted to download rocket league today and i cant cause "my acount is blocked from making purchases" so i had to make a whole new epic account just to download a free to play game pretty pathetic if u ask me….

  32. So they block ur acc if u spend too much money on them. Noise

  33. I didn’t buy once buts it’s blocked

  34. Its my first time buying in epic games and guess what my acckunt has been blocled from making any purchases WOW EPIC WOW

  35. Jo always calms me right down, with his nice face. Lovely.

  36. Well, there goes any vestigial interest in it…

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