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Epic Games Store Defenders and Fortnite Fanboys are Salty 2.0

Griffin Gaming
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Ask and you shall receive. The Epic Gamer Store Defenders and Fortnite Fanboys are still salty over my video “The Epic Games Store is Bad for PC Gaming and Must Be Stopped” and leaving hilarious comments. Since that video Borderlands 3 was announced as an Epic Games Store exclusive and Red Dead Redemption 2 is rumored to be an Epic exclusive on PC. After Control and the Outer Worlds were announced people were rightfully mad over the anti consumer practices Epic is pulling. And what better way than to pass the time waiting for the games on Steam than laughing at a bunch of Fortnite Fanboys and Epic games Store Defenders. If I get enough comments for a part 3, I will try to make it happen.

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  1. I'm being serious when I say this. That every person that plays fortnite is a c***

  2. 0:08 well for the Hippozoned info I don't know if he want him alone because I think is masochism saying that than really getting seriously. (He get um… I don't get it)

    Edit: He could recycle everything that he destroyed
    7:09 Mario riding with a chicken (basically a feathered Yoshi with beak)

  3. Those who take the game seriously are tryhards.

  4. Steam has TF2 and epic doesn’t sooooo.
    raises pan

  5. If you don't like the Epic store you're a racist. And don't you dare think hard about that. /s

  6. Hey hippozoned let me just correct your spelling mistake. Oh and your viewers punctuation. Number 1 there is no such thing as the word I was so dunk it's oh I was so drunk. Now it's time to correct your viewers punctuation. just include it kids I don't cause I can't be bothered but it will help you in the future to use capital letters at the beginning and a . At the end of a sentence oh and numerous other bits of punctuation that I won't write down cause I gotta go to work in like a few minutes.

  7. OmG gRiFfin GaMinG iS a BuLlY!!!1!!1!
    Now. I agree with you Epic games iS well, trash. And to all you Epic fanboys. Peopole prefer Steam because it's reliable and Has more games, friends system, Steam marketplace, and well IT'S overall a better platform. But od you like Epic games store don't try making some sort od crusade on all those that dislike IT.

  8. I sometimes wonder how are theses PC's okay? Because I caught the epic store stealing files and personal information off my laptop so I deleted that Shit ASAP.

  9. It's not epic (ofc) but it's not steam either the best is GOG(drm free)

  10. Comparing epic to steam is like comparing shit to a crown

  11. I love how griffin can take any “offence” from these people
    This man is a hero

  12. Hippozoned in the intro. I've lost my sim fucking card. Me is like have you tried looking for it, that always works.

  13. Man, you completely destroyed Hippozoned's life. You're so funny😆😆😆

  14. Oh man, this intro is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

  15. I love laughing at douchey fart nite players. Some of the worst human beings to ever walk the earth .

  16. Hey to hippozoned fanboys czech YouTubers are even worse Griffin gaming

  17. Griffin i use steam and not epic games cus i really like better prices on steam then epic games

  18. the only good thing i got from the epic games store was free gta v and yes i can still play it free know, steam is bae

  19. You fail to make me not laugh keep up the content

  20. Real "gamers" don't call themselves "gamers"…*cringe*

  21. You know if it takes just one person to ruin your life, then maybe you shouldn't be on the internet.

  22. What does fortnite battle royale and hippozoned have in common?

    They're both cancer.

  23. Satisfactory you mean the game that is now on steam

  24. All this is seriously the best content on YouTube

  25. Epic bought satisfactory? Dam im lucky I got it on steam before it was gone

  26. Making sure my lips are moist before I kill myself…. 😀

  27. Bruh, just by playing the cancer known as Gargabenite (Fortnite) is suppose to be treated like a mf that deserves to be shunned and disgusted

  28. I think a lot of these are console gamers because what’s the point of moving to pc and being so anti consumer

  29. Epic games got even worse than ever just a couple of days ago they lost 300 million dollars due to exclusive deals and free games giveaways. Man shit is getting more funny to butt hurt these epic games fans. But honestly you're but some good points

  30. 3:07 sounds like Morty standing up to Rick after yet another act of selfish assholery 😂😂😂

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