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Epic Games Store Defenders and Fortnite Fanboys are Salty

Griffin Gaming
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The Epic Games Store is bad for PC Gaming, who would have guessed. But there is a certain group of Epic Games Store Defenders and Fortnite fanboys out there triggered and extremely salty over my previous video on everyone’es favorite Fortnite launcher. Also our good friend Hippozoned is back at it again and this time reported me on Twitter and got me banned for “Abusive Behavior”. So today we are going to be taking a look at some of the funniest comments from my previous video on the Epic fanboys and get a good laugh. Fingers crossed this video doesn’t get demonetized.

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  1. Steam is better because they know what they are doing.

  2. Griffin: I put some happy Nintendo music in the background so YouTube would think we are family friendly

    Plays Doom

  3. I don’t like quote comments but

    Epic games:We have cheaper prices

    Steam summer sale:well yes but actually no.

  4. So you are putting nintendo music in the background to make youtube think that you're a family friendly channel, even though you're putting doom gameplay


  5. I like this guy and I'm a console player. He has a point about console players I'm rare in the community

  6. Imagine still not having a pc and having to live with 30 fps

  7. Griffin gaming I agree epic games have to much fanboyz like I meet to many rich spoiled fanboyz

  8. "You must be stop"
    Griffin Gaming:No you

  9. Its not a competition because steam is already ahead by alot

  10. Why is it that fortnite players try to act so tough on the internet against PC gamers, even though fortnite is also on PC. I guess Fortnite is supposed to be the gospel game that everyone ‘should play’. Nah dude, i prefer Doom, thanks

  11. Fuck Epic and all, but… the awkward moment when you used Chrome Incognito mode of all things, to download EGSL

    Like, wot… do you want to be seen or not m8?

    It's one thing to give Epic shit for wholesale datamining on behalf of the CCP, yet Google gets a free pass?

  12. that guy really owe a big fortune to the swear jar

  13. Screw you griffin, now I pictured fortnite porn! Disgusting.

  14. KKKlayton Condom and his klans are retard says:

    Fortnite players are such baby’s over raging game when someone hate it

  15. I waited for Red Dead 2 until it came to steam because Exclusives are a Cancer to all gamers

  16. Lmoa y'all love steam but y'all don't think of people that actually dont want to spend money in games like buying them we rather put money in the in-game store not in the game **lmao pay to play xD**

  17. Sadly you are so right. Im over 30 and none of my friend have ever played fortnite but my child(11 y) and hes friends play it all the time. So i can really agree that only under 18y play fortnite. So those angry people are 18 or under.

  18. After watching a lot of Griffin videos you can point his favorite phrases

    "You can not make this shit up"
    "Low IQ person"
    "Gonna have to press X to doubt on that"

  19. Idk who needs to see this but, Borderlands is overrated.

  20. It's basically just free games tho. I use steam when I can tho. Also competition is always good. Their practices are pretty anti competitive tho

  21. God damnit don't slow quartering even more… jesus. That was painful.

    Also the furry had a point, BL2 is shit.

  22. I use epic for 2 things the free games (mostly bad but off world trading company and civ 6 are fun) and playing fortnite with my brother and friends (I really wish they played better games but they don’t so I’m stuck with fortnite)

  23. My Five year old cousin is a Fortnite fanboy.

    Sorry was

  24. uh oh sou thats why it whants accses to my private interent. My instantly uninstall XD

  25. By the time the games get to steam a year later, I get em for dirt ass cheap on a sale.
    250+ games, I'm in no hurry.

  26. Epic Store defender logic: If you don't support the Epic Store, you're an uneducated prepubescent twat. LOL

  27. Steam is just….

    Better in every conceivable way

  28. My friend Is Epic Games antivirus defender or some shit 😀

  29. Epic Games, a company that steals others' games as soon as they can just to re-selling them for free while filling 'em with annoying kids and problematic ones. But wait, there's more: they made Fortnite, an original game with an interesting story, many different modes, a wonderful gameplay and an awesome community

  30. Imagine thinking you can end something by calling other side bad

  31. Stop with your whole pc master race bs consoles cost less than gameing pcs and can be played on a tv

  32. tell that man to get dark souls off his profile the dark souls community doesn't need nor do we want you kindly fuck all the way off that mans had a pyromancy tome may the flames guide thee to salvation pig

  33. They're salty when you want to talk about a steam release they get mad.

  34. I have both epic for free games they give out and steam for more variety

  35. I love how even Windows thinks this isn't a very good idea so you have to accept the privacy notice from Windows Firewall or Windows Defender

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