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Epic Games Store Exclusive Disappears – IGN Daily Fix

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In today’s IGN Daily Fix, Sydnee details one of the greatest mysteries plaguing Friday — the disappearance of an Epic Games Store exclusive called: Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory. Then a fan project turns full-game with Daymare: 1998, and EA is cranking up the prices for games on Steam in some regions.



  1. Iv’e been gone for a while, what happened to Naomi Kyle?

  2. Take that shirt and burn it please. You’re still hot though

  3. So this is what it looks like when IGN tries to be funny

  4. entire continents are going up in flames, viruses are ravaging populations, fascists are running governments and now sydnee is putting in full weeks on the fix? we are truly in the end times, people

  5. September? She's been having a few mistakes lately. Mentally checked out, might be leaving soon.

  6. Sydnee: September!!!

    Me: Smooth Syd smooth lol!

  7. Sooo she’s back because she dint make on twitch?

  8. Sooo she’s back because she dint make on twitch? Brian and the Ace Ventura look a like were better hosts.

  9. The game was used as a trojan for a hacker to get access to some illegal files. It was an internal job from Epic Games and the guy who slipped the files into the game was caught in time as the final game was way larger than it was supposed to, so they found the hidden files. The files were encrypted so their function is yet to be determined and the Hacker who was expecting them is still not found.

  10. What happened is obviously thr epic game store is a broken mess because they refuse to take all the money they are throwing at publishers for exclusive, and put it into improving their launcher instead. As long as they have exclusives they didnt make themselves, i wont use their broken store

  11. i heard about daymare long ago due to the guy that happens to voice one of the main characters ( the guy is named rikk wolf) regularly streams games on the robot co op twitch channel every week and he told us about this project long ago… and the original voice of leon from RE2 is in it as well… but coming out the same month as the re3 remake seems like a really bad idea… they won't get as much sales

  12. Games disappear sometimes out of nowhere.
    Sindey <3

  13. Must have been a chill Friday. 3:37 for the professional information and next-gen console watch.

  14. So what do you guys think happened to Paranoia: Happyness Is Mandatory? Personally, I'm putting my money on aliens.

  15. Kill me, kill me right now, just do it, i had enough.
    give me full blown corona

  16. Please do a video on that new Playstation patent regarding the help feature that could be used to suggest micro transactions.

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