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Epic Games Store FAILS AGAIN Removes games from customer accounts

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Epic Games Store Customers have been seeing free games removed from their accounts. Epic Games Customer Service ignores users and tells them they have to purchase the games again. Also, stolen account issues and billing problems ignored by Epic Games. Tim Sweeney thinks he’s the Savior of Gaming? I think not.
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  1. I would think that the epic games store is dumb

  2. All egs supporters after watching this: But…but…MUH 88%! Valve is a monopoly and must be stopped becuz ze poor devs onry get 70%!

  3. How T F do you not have more subs. I may not agree with everything you say all the time but your analytical skills sure paint a crisp picture of where you are coming from.

  4. Lets be honest, I lost hope in Epic after they killed Paragon. It was a fun game, that had about 3-4 full gameplay reworks. Sure they refunded you if you bought the early access package, but if you spent more money on stuff you where fucked. I spent a good $100 on a dead game, that did not listen to its players. Yet during this game dying, they obviously put all their focus into fortnite and now a gamestore that doesnt work.

  5. Stick with Steam until customer service becomes definitely sane.

  6. Epic game store is begging for multiple types of class action lawsuits — and more multiple class action lawsuits on other levels, plus lawsuits from the devs. It's THAT bad.

  7. And this is the platform that PGI is going exclusive with… GG RUSS!

  8. it's a bit late but…
    OH MY GAWD!!
    I'm the OP from that thread on Fuck Epic group btw

  9. parents shouldnt let their kids place fortnite in the first place. 😀

  10. What game is he playing in the background?

  11. Just read EG's Unreal Engines chart you feel like a prisoner

  12. Nothing like robbing fucking cancer patients dont you just love bugmen

  13. I hate EGS but BOI Paragon was a super fun game. RIP

  14. Never touched epic games store and never will. No matter how much I would want a game that has been released there.

  15. 9:46 YIKES. I hope you mean *triple-A* developers think lootboxes are a normal practice. Because that much I would believe, seeing as I've yet to hear egregious uses of them in any indie title. Could be mistaken on this but I doubt it. On the other hand, it's entirely possible that some developers grew up making games on smartphones first, where that kind of thing is normal (sadly), then got jobs at EA, Activision, 2K, Bethesda, Blizzard, etc.

  16. I have a steam account for decades now, I like to try new games, and if I don't like it, I refund it, do you know the refund successful rate for me? 100%, never once, steam denied my reasonable refund request, sometimes I don't even think they will give me refund because slightly over the 2 hours playtime limit. but they did, and that's why until steam give me a reason to switch, I won't.
    As for epic, do they even have customer service?

  17. Great piece you said it how it is. I will be waiting for my AAA games to come to steam after the one year wait. It is terrible I have to wait a year for Metro Exodus or Outerworlds although I will not purchase or download anything on Epyc!!!

  18. Epic Games hasn't been worth a shit ever since Cliff Blezenski left the company.

  19. Just happened to me too with "Surviving Mars" which I got for free. The launcher shows the game in my library, I can press launch but nothing happens except the folder where the game files were opens and the entire folder is now 16kb. I guess at some point the game got deleted, but when and why? I tried uninstalling and installing again, it goes through the process but nothing really changes. So, now I technically have it, but I cannot play it. Weird as fuck.

  20. Does anyone want epic hq in ashes.

  21. I just don't understand why people continue to use these companies (like Epic Games and Apple) with crap customer service and poor products!

  22. I give companies one opportunity in CC purchase disputes, then the bank can handle it through chargebacks. There are consumer protection laws that can help you.

  23. Hahaha they will never topple valve …i have my issues with steam but epic sucks so bad i wouldn't give my worst enemy a game that has to load with epic 😛

  24. Epic games really should've had the most basic of features because steam has existed forever. And it was dumb when people claimed the store front shouldn't of been expected to be good out of the gate due to years of steam needing to take, but that's how things progress, they should've copied the mos t basic expected features and had a fucking team for their platform.

  25. Oh yea use reviews that only ever made the ONE review holy shit dude..

    I had this problem, well i tossed them an email with the order number and bam got the game back no problem.
    Also for real people bitching about a FREE game lets get real people if your so IN LOVE with the game show the devs some fcking support and just buy it instead of crying about how it just vanished. just a fyi i own SR on 3 platforms i like it that much.

  26. Epic's strategy seems to be throwing Chinese investor money at devs to get exclusive games. It's whole business atm is to just make good product for devs, not consumers. They can't really back down from that even if they stop this very aggressive push into gaming platform market and develop their store. I personally won't be buying any games from there. I'm very happy to wait Other Worlds for example to come into Steam.

  27. This is why you pirate epic exclusives. you launch your game incorrectly? I'm not going to pay! I love Borderlands 3 alot.

  28. You'd think competition would be good, but Epic is bad for gamers and the devs who limit their audience by selling through Epic.

  29. Amazon is no better. The email I had it tied to was ages old, from the nineties when AOL is what everyone had. Under the suspicion that it wasn't in my control I called them to have the email changed so I could change the password on it too. Couldn't remember the bloody thing. Gave them my name, shipping address, credit card number. Then they asked for my last three purchases. I don't buy shit often enough from them to have that info on hand. i did remember the most recent purchase, which was a movie to watch, and gave them three other things I've bought this year from them. Since it wasn't the right purchases in order they told me to call back when I have the right information. Information I need to be logged into to see. Thankfully the email wasn't out of my control and I got it all resolved. They never sent an email to rate my experience or they would have gotten the lowest score possible. They'll charge you all day long but they won't do jack shit when you're trying to make sure someone else doesn't spend your money. Meanwhile Wal-Mart's CS not only killed a fraudulent order but refunded my money that instant so I could kill the card. Seems ass backwards to me given Wal-Mart's history in the news.

  30. As someone who got Borderlands 3 recently, I am very worried.

  31. Guess I'll have to check if I actually have BL3 still, wouldn't be too surprised if that "accidentally" disappeared from "me" deleting my account

  32. The fact they epic has literally not improved at all despite all the money they've been throwing around but none of it at their product. Listen I can make the case; rant and rave about it but what can I say that hasn't already been seen. The epic store could have been great, it could have been something but this is what happens when crooks find another angle to exploit.

  33. 8 year old, birthday money for skins.. in what world we are living in? + Fortnite is PEGI 12+ so technically they can ban account.

  34. stick with steam, by far best customer experience …not saying valve is perfect , but nvr been burned

  35. dont forget tencent has been known to steal credit card informations

  36. Loved Epic Games since the UT era, was a little salty when they move the devs from the new UT to Fornite. Loved Paragon, was a little salty when they cancelled it.

  37. The truth is im game developer and gamer and I have make 1 playble game wean I made my first playble game I check steam and meny other game luncher wean see the cost and ruoles I'm not happy Bicuse I'm indie developer and i decided to make my websites and make that totally free that game is unpopular for that reason maby in the future I will promote my websites this one of the ways I by way cheaper and my games become pupuler games but first I need to find haw to mack trailers and find same way community with other people I already have family and friends but the need to more mebers to help my I the order works to become popular, else if continue in that way the is not meny chans to sacside

    The positives is Most of the people That they tried my game They have positive comments that mens this game is Succeeded even if not make money for that game the other pastive news is i don't need to pay steam and or other bigs companies for the need time in the order to make that game studio sacside but I perfer to get that time, For to puy one company the have Roles agents my

  38. Surprisingly, it makes me sad that those kids lost all their shit for linking their accounts.

  39. I play on console but that's complete Bullcrap for a company to remove a game that you pay for. If you pay for a game them you should have that game permenlty. Rember P.T. ? Also this is probably not related but I think online gaming should be free on consoles. They only reason they dont stop is because fanboys will say that thier ok with pay online.

  40. What k8nd of sick peice of shit steals a cancer patients video game

  41. I bought 5 games over Xsolla and activated them in the epic games launcher. Now all games i bought there are gone and Epic games can not confirm i ever had those games despite them being still installed and visible in the store.
    Xsolla acts like i never bought anything from them even tough i provided screenshots of my bank account showing my order and their bank account recieving it and the title of the game.

    So i highly suggest to anyone to not use Epic games store for anything. They simply delete your purchases whenever they feel like it.

  42. Tim Sweeney has responded on Twitter. Here is the link to that response: https://twitter.com/TimSweeneyEpic/status/1150990046717255682?s=20
    While his 2nd post does not make as much sense, I have sent him a DM directly in an attempt to see some of these issues resolved if possible. While I don't exactly have high hopes for a response, I'll make every attempt to help those who have lost games and/or accounts.

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