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Epic Games Store – GDC 2019 Announcements

Epic Games
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Check out all of these exciting games coming to the Epic Games store!


  1. Dislink for the embedded video in the launcher without the ability to turn down the volume. Learn to work properly

  2. Epic, how about you stop buying exclusivity from developer's hard work and have consumers decide which store they wish to purchase their game? This anti-cinsumer practice is single handedly dividing the PC gaming community. Once you stop these cash grab deals then I will go back to supporting you. This is not how you beat Steam.

  3. if epic games and it store would be compared to a real life person equivalent,that would be adolf hitler

  4. I say one word to this launcher:dogshit

  5. Want to fight Steam? What you doing is already shitting on your head?


  7. juts what happened after todays update my epic games is white and i can go to the library

  8. Why is it filtered for Iran and three other countries?

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  10. I dont like Epic Games but atleast they bribed Quantic Dream too release Detroit on PC

  11. GJ epic for scanning our steam files !!!

  12. Would you like to buy today. PS4 games: gran turismo, god of war or microsoft games: forza, age of empires?

  13. It’s a shame that none of these games are coming out on PC.

  14. Epic games has the most shadiest gaming company out there

  15. thanks to epic …many ps4 exclusives r finally coming to pc

  16. Halo het is vlogertimo ik heb eens een vraagje mag ik plies de iconic skin want ik heb de Samsung Galaxy s 10 maar ik krijg het niet ge douwn download krijgen zet het op acount vlogertimo plies vriendelijke groeten vlogertimo

  17. Everyone who is port begging please stop. You will never get Sony's exclusives ever! Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, God Of War will never ever be on Epic Store! All of those games are owned by Sony and the studios who developed them are also owned by Sony! Spiderman isn't coming either!!! Sony owns the ip rights to the game. Again..stop port begging for Sony's exclusives!!!

  18. You know what, I’ll just pirate first and then pay on steam

  19. Sometimes I think the amount of money they spend on these Epic exclusives can be used to make awesome games rather than pissing off the whole PC community.

  20. epic games supporting unity based games! LEGENDE!

  21. so when wil this epic games come to steam?

  22. Freaking threadborne it I hate your games and fullness without Tom and tries to buy pubg. Is better than you for night epic game is stuck

  23. Thank you epic games for giving me full fat triple a quality games for free

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