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Epic Games Store is Not the Competition PC Gaming (Steam) Needs

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Metro Exodus is now officially and Epic Games Store exclusive and has been removed from Steam. This is not the type of competition we need in the PC Gaming market to counter act Steam. Timed Exclusivity benefits no one except these different PC gaming platforms. These platforms should compete by providing the best features and user experience instead of restricting third party games from the other platforms. This is in no way the competition anyone wanted from the Epic Games Store. This overall is bad news for the PC Gaming market and the consumer. I will not be purchasing any games from the Epic Games Store until Epic stops with this timed exclusivity BS. LEt me know your thoughts.

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  1. Epic games support is bad. I am waiting about 10 hours and they not answered me yet

  2. Patience, young Jedi. There are many other games to play in a year.

  3. At the time when he was all of the fuck you epic was on the screen I got and ad for epic store

  4. I mean Steam Is the biggest for it fought for that position and won it though loving and careing for the people useing it.

  5. Imagine one day only haagen dazs can legally sell ice cream. That's the whole situation.

  6. Sorry, but competition has NEVER worked that way for me. Streaming platforms have been slowly getting worse and worse with new platforms taking shit and dividing it between themselves. It hurts my wallet like a motherfucker. This isn't very different. Just another store for me to have to use instead of the place I want to use for all my shit.

  7. so many company decide to shoot their own foot then craw like a misery begger , just for greed

  8. Epic is screwing me over personally because I don't have any way to get money into steam other than buying gift cards and cashing them in, but epic doesn't even have that. So if I, say, really wanted to get Borderlands 3, but didn't have a way to pay for it, I'm screwed. Thanks a lot, "Epic"

    Does not deserve the name

  9. Since EGS is partially owned by ten cent a Chinese company I’ll never use it who fucking knows what those corrupted bastards are doing

  10. What i love about steam, Add a non steam game into the library.. i'll rest my case😂😂



  13. I want to buy Detroit Becoming Human but since it's exclusively on ahole Epic I''ll wait til it hits Steam

  14. got my PC a few weeks ago. So happy, its much better than console.

  15. in my opinion pc gaming on steam is the pinnacle of all gaming

  16. What everybody forgot,about epic as a store.
    They don't have a fucking shopping cart
    So you can only buy a game at a time and if you buy more than two games your account is locked to avoid fraud.So what does it help has sales if it is impossible to fucking buy.

  17. honestly there is one thing good about Epic.
    every week you can get a free game!
    like GTAV right now
    but honestly for other things I use Steam

  18. steam isnt perfect, but its pretty goddamn good. They are pro consumer and pretty pro dev. Gog is good as well. Epic has got nothing but weekly free games that no one wants.

  19. I literally got an ad for the epic games store during this.

  20. 1 year later: oh yeah the epic games store exist… i forgot it existed. And so did everyone else

  21. EA did a thing GOOD though, they packed their games on STEAM and not on Epic Games

  22. Your voice was normal, why it turned into that nasal leafy like garbage

  23. Epic Games has officially lost their way.

  24. The only other place I buy my games is GOG. I'm never getting Epic.

  25. Priority list of Purchasing Games: Steam -> Other Good Stores -> Piracy -> Bin Diving -> Genocide -> Epic Games

  26. I only use epic games launcher to leech off the weekly free games, and unreal engine

  27. Steam already had a great competitor, GoG. Also. did Steam got comfortable? They are pioneering Linux gaming. They built up a platform where you can play most games near native speeds. And as of now no one follows them.

  28. I mean I don’t mind buying from the epic games store, but this is just unacceptable.

  29. i got borderlands 3 super deluxe pre order edition for epic games for $30 as a key bc nobody wanted it on epic games lol. I only use epic because of the free games and a couple games that i can get cheaper.

  30. I use the epic store just for the free games heres my reason
    1.free games fuck buying dlcs
    2.i got 2 borderlands games with free dlcs
    3.i dont spend money on the epic store i want to see epic to not use time exclusive deals that bullshit
    4.i have steam for 6 years now an i love steam i can play games offline with no problem
    5.epic store no playing offline games or achievements an even leveling up an not reviews on games to give epic feedback to the devs at all
    6.i just use it for free games because im just a pc gamer that likes using 2 diffrent platforms thats it
    7.i will mostly use steam an epic to give feedback thats all i will not put money on epic because they are own by tencent by 40% witch fuck no ill buy games from steam

  31. Give me one reason why epic games is better than steam, I’ll wait.

  32. Epic games store only haves the games they’ve made but steam has everything

  33. Yeah I hate this move too but at the same time… I would like to know your comment on the fact it sold 3x's higher than the steam release?

  34. Only game I want to buy on epic game store is predator the game

  35. Well seems like Epic leaves the Battle with a win xD

  36. I’m pretty sure my drug dealer has better customer service than the Epic Games Store.

  37. And they are still taking games from Steam such as Rocket League

  38. The literal only redeemable thing about epic is the multiple free games they give out and they’re not giving out $10 games, they’re giving out massive $60 AAA games but I still refuse to buy anything from them.

  39. I finally bought Metro Exodus on Steam last November and I've said this many times. Timed exclusivity doesn't benefit competition in PC gaming. It's useless. EGS defenders, attack me now 😈

  40. The only reason I have it installed is for the free games. Even then, their offerings are mediocre except for the time I managed to score Borderlands 2 and the Pre Sequel, but even then I already had them on my Switch

  41. Everyone loves CD Projekt Red

    That didn’t age well

  42. Even console game stores are better than this f**** thing I'm talking about the epic game store

  43. Smash that like button if Fortnite is cancer

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