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Epic Games Store Isn’t Selling Your Data to China (Yet) – Inside Gaming Daily

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If swearing allegiance to China is all it takes to play Borderlands 3 then ni hao, comrade.

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  1. So you’re believing what they want you to believe?

  2. All Chinese Companies are required to assist the government in intelligence if the government sees fit. Enforced by law.

  3. Didn't mention that unlike what sometimes happens with console exclusives, Epic isn't funding games that wouldn't otherwise exist, they're buying exclusivity on already finished, or almost finished, games. Even a crowdfunded one, where backers get keys for Steam or GOG

  4. wait no inside gaming, no wait, but, but, epic bad!
    how dare you inside gaming epic is spyware and bad 🙁

  5. I wonder what Tims public opinion of the Tienanmen Square Massacre is…

  6. Just bring the know back… i can't take funhaus seriously

  7. Steam users, tell Valve to be more competitive. Or continue to have this EGS exclusivity over and over for big games.

  8. yes Chinese gov have nothing to do in the world and want to spy in you while you playing some games hhhhhhh stupid western

  9. I would have used the epic store. I mean competition is good but this isn't that. Exclusive deals suck. I will never use them. Poor epic can't get customers without scummy practice.

  10. "Epic Games Store Isn't Selling Your Data to China (Yet)" – They don't have to 'sell' it. Tencent owns a majority share in Epic. They can direct Epic to give them the information… no money needed. Don't fool yourselves into thinking Tencent wont take full advantage of their majority ownership of Epic… they absolutely will. They've done it with every other game company they control.

  11. guy who actually reads description
    Hate to break it to ya, but it’s that AND it also costs $80. If it was just the allegiance thing I’d be on board with you.

  12. When is inside gaming going to get it's own launcher?

  13. red dawn happened
    but insted of the entirety of the chinese army being air dropped it was the epic store
    of corse im got a ps4 so none of this shit matters to me

  14. I am literally having a hard time believing that people actually thought that some game launcher was selling their information to china just because the company is affiliated with Tencent. Is it just a slow news day or something? Either way I support the conclusion that such a belief is poorly justified, and brought on solely by disgruntlement with epic games.

  15. ouch… nerd quality of being straight upfront about things in a blunt way is considered brutal…

  16. To paraphrase The Joker, those other companies that are spying on us (Westerners) are Westerners! They still want to live in the Western world as we know it now. Tencent is a company from a country that has no acceptance for our way of life.

  17. Let me guess: this accusation is made by someone who hates Fortnite.

  18. Selling?! They giving it to China for free!

  19. I love the idea of more launchers…in fact I am really opposed to having one online entity that owns all the access to all of my games, I mean companies change hands all the time, what happens to all those games I payed for after said company gets parted out by some corporate giant that doesn't care and just wants the cash? It's Game Over Man!

  20. well, another CIA anti China campaign i guess

  21. Even if the original post was bullshit, Sweeney went on to say they import your steam friends when you say to. My problem with that is that steam has an api, stop scraping my local files and do it properly

  22. china already already has bought and paid for your politicians in the west. China arent just buying property everywhere – they are buying people. If you include politicians as human.

  23. China is already here. Not just buying property everywhere – but buying people. If you consider politicians and CEO's as human.
    You can't do business with a state that kills dissidents and "disappears" tens of thousands of people every year. China has been responsible for the murder of untold millions of innocent children – that the state culled during the one child policy implementation. Imagine what the state does to adults? China is the stuff of nightmares. There maybe many nice and kind chinese people – but the regime is insidious and your local politicians and the CEO's of many corporations like what china is giving them.
    The final cost of this for the west and people who live there – is already unfolding. "Epic" is just the beginning.
    Ask yourself this question? What does the chinese government do to people who oppose it? They vanish. Does america have a growing issue with people who are disappearing in unexplained and mysterious ways? I wonder who could be – behind that ? China is the muscle behind Agenda 21 (go watch rosa koire). And they are coming for you.

  24. Is this Latin american Lawrence making an appearance?

  25. Personally, I'll finally get the Epic Games launcher when they fix their customer service and security issues. It's nice to know it isn't actually spyware (yet) though!

  26. Stop playing PUBG. China are spying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣and stop driving all the cars and using all the mobiles! America are using gps to watch you too🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Love US logic,

    Citizens are okay with their government spying on them but yet if unconfirmed potential spying from other nations hits the news they go crazy.

  28. I dont like this format or the people. What's going on

  29. I got paid the night metro was pulled from steam, "I'll get it tomorrow" I said…

  30. I got a notification saying back online right before they said disregard any weird notifications lmao.

  31. Tencent has launched their own launcher and even IT has more features then the Epic luncher. It's called WeGame…

  32. 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
    Why is James pooping the whole video?

  33. Yes facebook datamining sucks but it's not owned by a represive goverment

  34. Ah yes, Funhaus' typical "Gamers are unhappy, therefore they are immature and none of their opinions actually matter." approach to these things.
    Guys, just because other companies are doing it does not mean it's fine. Just because other non-Chinese companies are doing it doesn't mean it's fine.
    It's all bad.
    It's not just that Epic Store is new.

    Another thing is that Stores with exclusive content =/= competitors, they just become mandatory services for 100% range of play, which doesn't bring innovation.

    For example, look at Discord vs Steam. Steam doesn't give two shits about Discord's store, what they care about is their chat features, which caused a complete overhaul of Steam chat to stay competitive.

  35. Roosterteeth has two National General Sao Institute board memebers that own companies with large shares in Roosterteeth.

    Don't be chickens when it comes to the truth Funhaus.

  36. Thafuq. Did Epic pay you guys for thus episode.

  37. Tencent is a tumor, Epic is a plague, people who support them are braindead zombies.

  38. Key word being yet.

    They still have no fucking business rooting around people’s hard drives though.

  39. Even if they dont use my data, I dont want to support any company that is afiliated with Tencent or Chinas government.

  40. because they don't have to Epic game store is OWNED by china 😀

  41. Even if its not. I'm not paying a game company to mine my data, gtfo of here.

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