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Epic Games Store Lost 330 Million Buying Exclusives. When Will They Learn?

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Epic Games Store Tim Sweeney are losing Hundreds of Millions each year while trying to compete with Steam/Valve. Epic Exclusives aren’t actual competition, and forcing a consumer doesn’t help in choice on an open platform.


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  1. Epic games store: we bring you exclusives!!!!
    PC gamers: NO
    Epic games store: damn, we was hoping you guys were mindless sheep's
    PC gamers: Well you thought wrong.

  2. I'm not even waiting a year if there is a game I somewhat interested I will simply pirate it. maybe I buy it from steam or gog for a few bucks in the future.

  3. I feel like some ppl only liked epic games just for their free games. I recall a friend who made an epic games acc just to grab that free gta5.

  4. I'm sorry but windows is not a open platform. PC yes, but most PC gamers not realizing Microsoft windows gatekeeper Linux for 2 decades. I really hope this is the end of Microsoft as we know it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. The biggest problem with the epic games store is the client has not improved at all the gui is still a hot mess

  6. Epic throwing money away like no tomorrow o well

  7. Just wait for the Fortnite money to run out.

  8. I'm just spit balling here, but instead of just making it rain on developers to buy "exclusives" , you make a quality platform that has features that rival your competitors'?

  9. The only game I bought was Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 and 3. And I'll never buy anything else from them.

  10. Those are rookie numbers. Epic needs to pump them up lol

  11. we don't really know how this will affect them long term I wouldn't celebrate early

  12. They just announced today they got 1 billion from investors, don’t think these 330 million will ne an issue lol

  13. Tim did say the developers will decide who wins the storefront wars not the consumer. Look at how thats going so far.

  14. I think what epic failed to realize is. That pc gamers are very patient ,and that the console mentality doesn’t work here. They have no power over us with that ass backwards thinking.

  15. But PC Gamer and Blackb0nd said Epic Games Store is a cash cow and has high revenue, and that their current tactics are working!!

  16. haha that´s exactly what i do i just download the free games, and then i close the launcher xD

  17. All that money Epic is pouring and not a single penny goes to improving the store it self .

  18. epic games store is pretty barebones. seems like they don't want to add forums, ratings system and game achievements. EGS needs to get with the times or just keep throwing money at games instead of investing in their store.

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