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Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2020

Epic Games
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The Epic Games Store Mega Sale is back, with a free game each week and great offers on some of the biggest titles in video games. See all the games on sale here:

The Mega Sale also includes a $10 coupon issued for each purchase ($14.99 and above), and incredible discounts on major video game titles like Control, Satisfactory, Borderlands 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Outer Worlds!

The Mega Sale event crashes out of the gate with an incredible free game offer: Rockstar’s best-selling, award-winning Grand Theft Auto V. Claim now through May 21 at 11:00 AM Eastern.

That’s just the just the beginning — every week of the Mega Sale we will open up the Epic Vault to reveal a new free game offer that you simply can’t miss.

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  1. Epic can you give me free skins on fortnight my user is isachago

  2. Pleas Epic can you give me free skin's

  3. Epic wats your supporter creater code

  4. Fix fortnit and make regions for people in south

  5. please just let nintendo switch have save the world

  6. Can you add Tom cruise skin to fortnite plz

  7. Idk what the highest squad kills on fortnite is but our squad got 32

  8. Epic games can you sale crew 2 for free please i beg you

  9. Sweeney is just a bully now that he has money.
    With FORTNITE money and Tencents 'muscle' they are bribing anyone they can just to stick it to "Steam" & GoG. Its not good for gamers, but they will make YOU think its good by giving you "FREE" vanilla 'base' games for franchises that have some of the most underhanded predatory microTrans & cut content DLC in the industry.
    I feel sorry for all of you who supports this toxic corporate industry. But I won't ever feel sorry for those lonely trolling fanboi's. HUGS

  10. Dear epic games can u un ban Jarvis please

  11. La temporada de fornite se arrasó otra vez *$&$*$*$$*$£×¿£×(×£-*%*¿$ jodanse ya ni quiero ver el evento , que también lo atrasaran por segunda vez

  12. How to buy a games in Indian money
    Pls change a currency USD to INR

  13. Epic games ngentot dikasih free gta 5 jadi ngeframe pas main jadi heist failed

  14. Every time I do a free refund glitch u don’t give me the refund tickets idiot

  15. O epic games ta de sacanagem mas 10 dias

  16. Bring back Jarvis on fortnite he yoused aimbot for a vid

  17. Thank u for fortnite plz bring chapter 1 map back

  18. i have a friend he did a glitch and get all of skins

  19. Hi epic games plz 🙏 help me fix this that I bought a skin by mistake and it's called toy trooper and immediately I bought I had bought it I had no refunds cause I thought I had refunds but I never had so now ever since I bought it I started lugging to much so plz give me one more refund my epic: dawathepro

  20. And basically just refund the skin for me and plz give me back my 800 vbucks

  21. Epic can u gift me a skin in fortnite.?Im a default

  22. Hi um when is Fortnite going to end plz tell me but epic can u gift me the bold stance

  23. Спасибо за GTA-5 и купон

  24. Hey epic can you email me bc I need help. So this is the issue. I had a Nintendo switch that broke and has a blue screen when you turn it on. I got a new Nintendo switch but it is not letting me link the account bc what I did is I had my PlayStation, IPhone, and Nintendo Switch linked to the same account. So I need help linking it and it says that there is trouble and I already have linked it but I can’t unlink it bc I can’t get to the home screen. If you could help me that would be awesome. Thanks

  25. I accidentally refunded on of my emotes take 14.Can l please have it back with my last token my epic name is Original_egg5 please help me thanks

  26. Give me doggo please please my mum won’t let me by vbucks my name is Hudsoncha

  27. Please epic vault henchmen they are so overpowered

  28. Epic games for fortniet youer free skin plis 6

  29. epic games can i be a content crator i have a you tube channle👏🤟👍🏻🙉🎹

  30. Plzz gta 5 free plzz 1 time plzzzz ❤️🙏🙏❤️👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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