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Epic Games Store MEGA Sale.. Free $10 For Fortnite? EXPLAINED!

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Epic Games Store MEGA Sale.. Free $10 For V-BUCKS? EXPLAINED!

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What do you guys think of this mega sale happening in Fortnite? I probably will be taking advantage of this if it’s good enough, but It’ll probably be 5% off the largest bundle lmao. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did be sure to smash that like button for me and subscribe if you’re new! See you in the next one legends!

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  1. Fortnite should have a sale on vbucks it's not like their losing that much money anyway they have enough of it.

  2. If you really wanna take advantage just make accs and enable 2fa for all of em and gift skins to your main. One question: if I enabled it a long time ago does that still allow me or us to get the $10

  3. Oof you have to buy 14$ or up to get 10 off so rip all the people making multiple accounts cause you still need to spend money

  4. Will the players that already have 2fa get it immediately or sum

  5. So what if I already have 2fa active do I still get it in the future

  6. Ill make 10 accounts and put 2fa on all them theng gift stuff to my main acc

  7. I have ikonik but screw it xd I need v bucks I only have 700

  8. Okay so basically the image looks tiny because it was accidentally put there. Image was never cropped.
    Nothing will happen if you enable it now, other that you getting boogie down. In the future though, you will get $10 to spend

  9. You could just make a new account enable it buy the battle pass get 1,500 vbucks from it and Gift yourself stuff😂😂

  10. Oof he’s gonna get a ban hammer for using stretch…..

  11. Epic Games Store Mega Sale
    E G S M S

    E pic G ot S ome M ad S hit


  12. مروان سعيد كمال ابراهيم says:

    So is the mega sale thing out now or is it still in progress?

  13. Make lots of accounts and 2fa on all accounts and friend yourself and gift yourself.

  14. I like how throughout the whole video i wasnt paying attention to what he was saying but I was watching people steal his kills in the gameplay😂

  15. Can someone tell
    Me if this is real, I don’t want to give this guy money if it’s fake click bait.

  16. Epic sale won’t give away free vbucks it would just &10 off on any game from the epic store which means no free vbucks sense vbucks can’t be buyed

  17. But do you need a bank account or are u going to get them like in Epic Games Launcher you know? Or is it that you can buy in Fortnite like a 1 time coupon or some sort of that? I mean like 10 dollars that you can spend in game or in launcher. Not like real money? Cuz I don't have a bank account 😂 Idk

  18. Yogev I’m a big fan bro My epic is DUNNOany-more if you want to play some time 😂👊

  19. Ive enabled 2FA but I did not get any money

  20. Haha I got $20 now because I got accounts with gifting

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