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Epic Games Store – PAX West 2019 Showcase

Epic Games
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Splash in to these worlds of color and whimsy. We’re announcing 8 unique games from 8 innovative developers coming to the Epic Games store. What will you play next?


  1. Epic games give me everything in fortnight my epic id Rashid123bt on ps4

  2. Epic PLEASE add fortnite too Samsung tablet

  3. Epic Games vous êtes nuls vous avez pu avoir d'argent à faute

  4. epic games não estou conseguindo instalar o fortenaite

  5. Fuk epic shit store. They ruined the PC community.




  7. Very nice Game Epic Games. That is WhY you are called Epic games because you are EPIC

  8. Jarvis didn't deserve a permanent ban and because he was using hack and you haven't banned permanent fucking fucking fortnite

  9. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Fortnite11

  10. I forgot my email and password on fortnite

  11. Can you give me all the skins in fortnite and not ban me if so my name is STW Schnitzel with capitals

  12. Just a quick question about fortnite can you add area a duos please.

  13. Guys wan is fortnit chapter 2 season 2 cumming out😣😣😣😣😧😧😧

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  16. This was garbage. When are you going to FINALLY announce linux support?

  17. Erta I enable 2fa it won't work epicgames I think you're lying to me

  18. Bring the hunting rifle back in fortnite chapter2

  19. Why I can play fortnite in May ipad 2 air Epic Games

  20. Unban Jarvis you said you have zero tolerance for cheats but you let other youtubers hack for videos unban Jarvis it’s unfair

  21. Epic I hope u are fine coz when I heard that Jarvis got banned I was sad pls give him a chance we would want jarvis back

  22. Please can you make Polorpick monster back and robot back Make swhich body’s and fHeights The robot is the Polorpeak monster the polorpick Monster Is the Robot plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz🤗

  23. And we fite the robot the robot is the polorPek monster

  24. Pls in fortnite bring back iconic and scerio

  25. Do you get support a creator Code if you have 1k fans on tiktok

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