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Epic Games Store – Shady Practices

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  1. Epic does share other account data (blizzard account was hacked twice while i had they're launcher)

  2. I'll never understand why everyone talks about Steam lowering their percentage share when even Epic has admitted their share is not at all viable long term.
    They're using yet another monopolizing technique called "Predatory Pricing" where you intentionally undercut all of the competition for a limited time just long enough to convince people to quit using them and run them out of business. Unfortunately for Epic, steam has simply earned too much good will to pull people away with only lower prices.

    Steam isn't a Wal-Mart, its not some faceless corporation that treats everyone who walks in like shit. People aren't going to leave just because Wal-Mart 2 opened up across the way with a discount.

  3. Fuck epic.  All pc gamers are pirates from what they said years ago.  Now they intend to make that true because people rather risk getting a virus from a torrent site then to use their shitty store.

  4. Tencent is behind this, then that's no wonder. Think about Blizzard wants to make cellphone Diablo, all because another chinese company NetEase is behind it.
    These companies already turned domestic market into a cancer pool. Now it spreads worldwide …

  5. Im a console gamer so I dont care. This type of thig will probably help consoles gain more players.

  6. I would've had no problem trying another launcher it isn't that big of a deal but trying to force me by holding games hostage? Fuck you! I have a huge backlog of games and I always wait to buy games so they're properly fixed and the price drops. Its a shitty tactic that ill never support. 1337x

  7. thank God theres always another way to NOT USE epic store on the first day, because it's something some gamers are going to do.

  8. The epic game store's lack of even basic features is because of that revenue split, it's my opinion but, there's a reason why valve takes a pretty large cut, the Steam workshop, Steam cloud, and many other features that run on servers, which surprise surprise, isn't free to run.

    But still that's just me, maybe they're just trying to make 12/88 the standard. Hell Epic might not even be able to add the features it promises because it's probably not gonna be able to support that once their Fortnite money dries up. I'd rather stick to either Origin, or Uplay more that this "Gamestore" that's how crap it is right now!

    Again my opinion, really it's up to your viewpoint.

  9. If you want to steal a game from everyone for a year, I can wait, or I can pirate the game for free, checkmate epic

  10. You PC gamers have said it to us for years… Now I get to say it to you.
    Sweet vengeance

  11. Consumers are suckers, from whom we extract value from. The more the merrier.

  12. Epic games are now making detroit become human a epic release

  13. If i install and desinstall the epic launcher, i still got the spyware?

  14. Publishers has been living like kings for years. Let's see how much cockiness will pay in the future. You cant survive on fortnite money in the future.

  15. Epic games is a shallow company, with corrupt business practices, they need to be investigated by the FCC, SEC and BBB

  16. I look into epic games on the BBB web site, it already has a F, not looking good.

  17. Ya and these companys are never punished for these dirty practices. Benefit of alot of money is governments wanna stay on the good side of their wallets.

  18. Well that explains why my webroot when apeshit with the launcher

  19. will the us vs china tradewar will somehow affect epic store?

  20. developers decide? seriously? seriousfuckingly? fu epic. no money from me, for you.
    let your beloved developers play their own games. I don't give a shit.

  21. for pc I use steam. occasionaly blizzard but their games became garbage. origin was always terrible and will always be because ea. for consoles, I use nintendo switch and get a lot of games that were on steam before, even on a discount. epic is garbage but the only game that I play for free is dauntless.

  22. A $60 game on Epic store would give devs $52.8.

    So why don't devs sell their game for $75 on steam ($75*.7=$52.5), let users decide if they want to pay $15 more for the added benefits of steam.

  23. Whenever you have content exclusivity, and that is all that makes you choose between the two, it isn't competition. Same thing with Netflix, Crunchyroll and other streaming services.

  24. There was a long period where I didn't resort to pirating games, as Steam became prevalent and I enjoyed the service and didn't mind legitimately buying games, along with the many sales. Now, with the Epic Games shenanigans, I find myself going back to pirating. I'm too tired to bother with this exclusivity bullshit that doesn't belong on the PC platform. That shit belongs in the console space, and can fuck right off outta the PC space.

  25. Tim Sweeney is the Anti-Christ of PC Gaming!!!

  26. Tim Sweeney is the Anti-Christ of PC Gaming!!!

  27. Epic games launcher is pure garbage. If you reset your computer during a download it deletes it and you have to start over.

    Also the games download slow as shit and I'm constantly having login issues that require a pc restart.

  28. It is simple, Epic Games is just a spyware for China. They work for China and I do not know how much money did the goverment of China give them to do this crime. Never going to support Epic Games. Steam forever.

  29. When Steam launched it force users of the most popular game in the world at the time Counter Strike 1.3 to upgrade to 1.4 which required steam … Tons of flaws and security problems launched with it.This is all tissue issues . I am al about my wallet..could care less where I spend less money

  30. Nothing beneficial? cheaper prices are beneficial to me…So I am wondering how mych steam kicked back your way to make this video

  31. All right time to uninstall that and never touch it again

  32. Never spent a single cent on anything Epic Games related and never will.

  33. Y’all hate the Chinese because you are racist

  34. Why am I not surprised a Chinese company has a huge share in epic Games and pretty much controls epic games

  35. I hate epic launcher and the stupid revenue spit issues. If you sell alot of games on steam you get rich period!! not a reason to release exclusive on epic.

  36. On a different note, it is relevant, that both epic and steam are free services. This makes it soo much different than Netflix and friends, where exclusive deals actually matter. Just a sidenote.

  37. I look up for this video to see whether i should claim GTA 5 or not…well my answer now is Nope😂😂…i don't support Chinese Company…👍👍😎

  38. i'm really disgusted with tha way Epic Games is these days because i was actually a big fan of what they brought to tha table with Unreal and Unreal Tournament games back in tha 90's and early 2000's and it was once apon of time a respectable company back in tha day! i feel so betrayed as a old fan of them just for Unreal Tournament and if i didn't found out about tha new version of Unreal Tournament on Epic Games Store, i wouldn't of kept Epic Games Store and if they take off Unreal Tournament 4 off tha store, i will not keep it on my PC! and yea i know about tha spyin' issue with EGS but no spyin' and privacy issue is worse than Windows 10 alltogether oh and alot of game devolopers still uses their Unreal Engine for tha past 20 or so years!

    still i only will have a tiny support for them just only for keepin' Unreal Tournament 4 around even though i'm still salty of them abandonding it for stupid Failnite and stupid modern day practices, i'm starting to feel like Unreal Tournament 4 is tha Toonami of Epic Games

  39. epicgames has no achievements system and bad costumer service and account linking is more trouble than it's worth accidentally linked my second xbox account that i do not use so i tried to link to my main i could not becueas of that account i never use is already been linked even after i disconnect it contacted epicgames about it they got me a new link for psn contacted them again they just closed the conversation

  40. Steam can't do anything, because if they give devs more money there will be less discounts, but if they take more money discounts will be abundant.

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