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Epic Games Store – The Store Launch Trailer

Epic Games
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Welcome to the Epic Games Store:

Here are the games in the store as revealed at The Game Awards 2019. The list of games is long, and this awesome high-quality list of games includes:

– Ashen by A44 and Annapurna Interactive
– Hades by Supergiant Games
– Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek by tinyBuild
– Darksiders III by Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic
– Genesis Alpha One by Radiation Blue and Team17
– Journey by thatgamecompany and Annapurna Interactive
– Maneater by Tripwire Interactive
– Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive
– Rebel Galaxy Outlaw by Double Damage Games
– Satisfactory by Coffee Stain Studios
– Subnautica by Unknown Worlds
– Super Meat Boy by Team Meat
– World War Z by Saber Interactive

The Epic Games Store offers developers an 88% revenue share and direct relationships with creators and players. This helps developers succeed and make more of the games you love.

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  1. Thanks epic games for providing all Batman games for free

  2. hope you guys love in game ads because thats what happens when you buy a game on this storefront.

  3. When all the salty kids commenting on this video saying steam is better, how long has epic been out for again..?

  4. Most of the people who say this is bad, have too trash of a PC to even run there games.

  5. Oh boy! Another prick company building a market by trying to make previously non-exclusive game series exclusive. What could be better than building a customer base by trying to force them to you… No thanks. How about trying to get customers by doing games better instead of trying to better game customers?

  6. And where is a little sceenshoot of that Store?
    I see only games, not Store Trailer. 😛

  7. Pongan lg q6 para compatible

  8. You only accept PayPal and debit. WTF dude unlike steam they accepted mobile phone number that allow you to purchase a steam card but of course they put a little bit of tax but it still OK thought for the people that don't have a debit or money in their PayPal account.

  9. Хора моля ви Звъннете ми профила иначе ще те направя нещо което не искат

  10. I am so sad cause I have washed videos to get free v-bucks please give me atleast 1000

  11. Games should be available in every market. Please change your game policy.

  12. Hey epic games I'm not trying to we play on your video I mean like message when I think but somebody's like teaming up by Philip Sia up Just let you know Oh and can you maybe log me into you pokemon Sorry I don't know how to spell like it So and epic games just to say have a YouTube channel you can go over there real quick if you want I don't care

  13. I'm epic games I have been doing any hacks okay

  14. Hi Chinese authorities, how does all that covertly harvested user-data look?

  15. Horrible support, tecnicians have no clue what they are doing, so they don`t give a damn for ours questions, not a good tip about nothing at all, they only serve to close our requests, guys, learn o work as Steam or blizzard, they do a better support. If you want to become something better besides Steam, improve your support! Cloud save doesn't work as it supposed to do.

  16. Ok i need renage raider because im a no skin and i need this my epic name is blokboibear703 ok give me renage raider

  17. No me dan los picos de hulk mi id Arot3226 G hice los desafios me tarde 5 horas que mal me los regresan


  19. Epic Support sucks. I can't use Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 on Android devices because LT and RT didn't work. No issues with Call of Duty Mobile.

  20. epic is better than steam atleast they dont just make money

  21. Are you serious epic game do you want us to use your epic game store I am going to hack you if you do we make everybody get off of fortnite and make everybody scared that Four Knights ending today so hahaha so the wheat for the week till get fortnite so yeah but if you doing fortnite

  22. Put Daredevil skin in fortnite again in the item shop tomorrow

  23. Motherfucker Epic game what type of robot verification it is ? how i can complete this captcha in 5 sec and it is extended to 20 ! (Pick the image with dice adding up to 14
    ) fuck epic i want to refund my money ! unless game shop and waste of time!

  24. I really like venom he is my favorite marvel villan

  25. can the mandlorain be a mith in real life and the jetpack

  26. Epic grazie per riavere messo in fortnite il disco di roket high grazie

  27. Gift me lots the skin in Fortnite epic Games my name is macneck9 thank you bye

  28. in the next video : Fortnite : Home Trailer Fortnite : Home will cost 3.99, includes toddlers, moms/dads, snow, day/night, rain, kids, bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen, backyard with a pool and more, a basement/attic, more homes and more!

  29. The Epic Games Store has come a long way. Personally I'm more a PlayStation player, but when it come to play on PC EGS has become my main client on PC. Good job Epic. There's still jobs to be done on it but you're doing great.

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