Evolution of STORE ROBBERIES LOGIC in GTA Games (2002-2020) - palmgamerstore.com

Evolution of STORE ROBBERIES LOGIC in GTA Games (2002-2020)

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Let’s take a look at the Evolution/Comparison of STORE ROBBERIES LOGIC in GTA Games (2002 to 2020) through a series of tests, with funny GTA gameplay moments.

Games covered: GTA 5, GTA 4, San Andreas & Vice City. GTA 6 (GTA VI) will also be covered when it releases.

00:00 – A word from our Sponsor
00:56 – TEST #1: Being armed in a Store
04:28 – TEST #2: Cops vs. Store
08:27 – TEST #3: Stealing from the Cash Register

The video also showcases the evolution of Graphics & Gameplay in GTA games.

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  1. ahahaha, looking at the logic of cops in GTA is very funny!

  2. San Andreas cash register can be broken at Binco but you can’t steal money

  3. Heey a little correction in fact you can break the register cash with a punch in san andreas but you can't take the money try it i did it several times

  4. You forgot gta vice city stories??
    You can rob store too.

  5. Can we get 69 subscribers without a video? says:

    Sponsor is a scam

  6. If you punch cash register in gta SA it will broke

  7. Make a video of evolution of Michael Jackson in gta games

  8. If you can steal Niko Bellic from the laundry room.

  9. I always felt bad for the Indian store clerk in gta v cuz he seemed like a nice guy. But not the Chinese one cuz he was a jerk.

  10. What happen to the first one the gta 111 or III or whatever it is

  11. Gta 5 is best in all the things physics,cops,graphics all the things this thing make gta bestttttt❤️❤️❤️ gta 5 is opppppp but I can't play it I have 4 gb ram😭😭64bit win10 no graphic Card 😭😭😭

  12. I was sure that you could punch the cash register in SA. Guess my memory was fabricated.

  13. In gta San Andreas the register can be broken but with a rpg

  14. Cops can be found in cluckin bell burgur shot and the pizza place if you have enough stars because it has happened to me before in gta san andreas but cars dont go in the store and once you kill 1 cop all the cop just put their hands in the air annd dont attack you

  15. Tommi, cj and niko: Ah i can't steal money!
    Franklin: Let me check..

  16. GTA III was Not featured cuz has no enterable stores

  17. i think gta V has a better cuz you can either rob it yourself or let the cashier do it

  18. Just letting u know, u can break the cash register in GTA SA with a Knife 😉

  19. "I'm a guest in your country, give me a break 😂😂😂"

  20. In GTA V you can shoot another cash box in store for more money

  21. gta 4 :if you not shoot the guy in store the you can open the cash register

  22. Yo we can Rob in GTA 4 u need to press action key dummy

  23. Well, in Gta Sa-mp, you can rob a store

  24. 3:28 why should you rob a person when you can take his job for free in gta 4

  25. in gta 4 we can take miney from register while aiming the casher
    make real sense video of gta 4 pls

  26. i think the one with the best physics is gta v

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