Fastest ASMR | Game Store, Flight Attendant, Architect, Babysitter, Dollar Store, Photographer, more -

Fastest ASMR | Game Store, Flight Attendant, Architect, Babysitter, Dollar Store, Photographer, more

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Yall wanted more right?!?!?
I have three others if you like this, will link shortly 🙂 but I’m on mobile heheh but wanted to publish this.


0:00 – Fastest Game Store
1:49 – Fastest Airlines
2:47 – Fastest Architect
4:49 – Fastest Babysitter
6:25 – Fastest Dollar Store
7:59 – Fastest Photographer
9:09 – Fastest Housekeeper
10:45 – Fastest Florist
12:13 – Fastest Composer
14:01 – Fastest Uber

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  1. imagine coming to a gaming store and the cashier is whispering everything and tapping everything

  2. "hey there you sussy gamer"
    😂bruh had me dead

  3. I can't believe that she did not laugh once in the dollar store one :DD

  4. pronuncia tan bien el ingles que aunque no sepa ingles, entiendo lo que dice ljakskajaj

  5. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG IVE BEEN TRYING TO REMEMBER THE NAME OF THAT BABY GAME😍😍😍 the music still traumatises me but it was so so so fun

  6. "I know everything about kids" shows animal cracker

  7. Here:

    (Game store)
    “Hey there ya sussy gamer”

    “You go gamer!”

    (Flight attendance)
    “You may fight over the oxygen masks”
    “We /WILL/ pour the snacks into your mouth as we hustle through the hall.”

    “Not in 2021! No more walls..! (No bathroom walls.)”
    “I can make perfect circle, and that’s why you should trust me.”
    “You can definitely see it”//“I’m just gonna measure the walls…ok more than 12 inches, mhmhm….more than 12 inches!”

    “She doesn’t look anything like you…she’s adorable!”
    “She looks old enough to eat animal crackers..!”

    (Dollar store)
    An Oculus!? J-just one dollar…is that a real diamond!? My old hair extensions?one dollar…One dollar…oh of course..a United States of America passport…one dollar… oh you want the shirt off my back? That’ll be one dollar…”

    “Someone just broke into your home!”
    “How has no one singed you yet?!”
    “You should quit your day job!”

  8. Maybe u can do Something likefastest bank ….? Idk what to say but it like a cashier at da bank

  9. gibi at 0:35 : they kinda break really easily
    (flings aggressivly)

  10. I want the PS5…

    Now I have Imagine Babyz…

  11. I am not the only one hearing this every day and doing my homework?

  12. I like that she is also entertaining cos some ASMRtists just do boring triggers

  13. How do I get the Pokemon Gold in the Gameboy

  14. The way she says just for you in the first role play 🥰

  15. Gibi: this is gaming store 6 see you in 2027 for gaming store 7

  16. It sounds like she was judging us when she was ringing our stuff up

  17. 4:59
    Gibi: She doesn’t look anything like you. She’s adorable.
    Me: Are you saying i am ulgy 😭😭😭? that face BTW

  18. 5:25 Is it just me or does that look like a REAL baby? Cuz I’d be happy if it was real. I love babies!

  19. “ I told u if you didn’t stay back you would get dusted”

  20. "If you don't know how to use a seat belt I don't know what to tell you

  21. 2:06 we flying on Concorde if it’s faster than any airline

  22. Quotes “I could bathe a child- or maybe just play with toys”
    “ oh- haha… my old hair extensions…..”
    “Uhh you want the shirt off my back..”
    “Okay look angry look angry at me!”

  23. IM NOT A SUSSY GAMER 🤬😦😡😩😠😠🥺😭😓😡👺😓💀👻😫👹💀👻👺👿😼☠👻👿👻😼👿😽😺👺🙀☠👺

  24. your the most ghetto person if you made a uber driver drive you down the street like its giving lazy

  25. “She doesn’t look anything like you, she’s adorable! 😊” (insert wheeze) 🤣🤣🤣

  26. She’s the best rolplay fastest asmr and I love the fast series
    Buy the way love ur new hair ❤️

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