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  1. Cool store man. I just came across your channel. I wish you guys the best of luck.

  2. The total amount of money you made was awesome for opening day! Congratulations, Cooper!

  3. Congrats on a successful day. It’s been fun watching your journey to get to this point!

  4. Man, was in for a couple of hours but I missed the shout outs. I got a buddy in the states who collects VHS, and when (not if) one of us wins the lottery we're gonna do a garage sale/thrift store tour of the States, and we've earmarked your store for a visit haha. Keep a copy of Parasite Eve warm for me.

  5. Great video dude keep up the great work congratulations on the store opening!!!!!!

  6. Congrats dude! You worked hard and it will pay off.

  7. Congrats on a successful first day Cooper! Wish nothing but good health and success for you and your business venture.

  8. Awesome glad it went well. Are you gonna sell laser discs in the future. Sorry I didn't stay in the stream long I was busy at the store I work at here. You will get interest has long has you advertise alot 🙂

  9. Great turnout! Great outcome! Wishing you and your store has every day the same!

  10. Hype for you man. Good to see your first day went good

  11. Thanks for doing the live stream. I wasn’t on as long as some but I really enjoyed it and thanks for responding to the question I asked. I’m glad you guys did so well. Congrats.

  12. Been watching your vids for quite some time, I think you have sold your collection twice and moved a couple of times during the years. Seeing you then, to now, with your dream up and running is amazing. I watched about an hour of your livestream, there was talk in the chat about post it notes at the time. So glad that you got so much on your first day. You deserve it. Congratulations and thank you for always having great content.

  13. I live real close by, and a friend told me about your channel, so I'm asking, does your store do trade ins? If not that's cool, but I have some extra games here and there

  14. Good shit man, best of luck moving forward………

  15. nice job. are you going to still game hunt or are you just going to work in the store

  16. are you going to be selling t shirts for your store like the one you are wearing in this video?

  17. Congrats again. Only got to watch a few minutes of the live stream. Had to work today. If you ever have a slow week… hit me up 😉

  18. Congrats again! Looks like you were quite successful on the first day, hope it continues that way!

  19. Congrats on the first day. Hope the rest of the week is great

  20. And do people try to bargon on the prices ? Like 5 off on a 25$ price

  21. Just found your channel been looking for someone vloging their businesses!! Look luck! 👍 (subbed)

  22. What do you use to determine trade in value? I am thinking of opening a local store myself and just wondered what you use for that and prices.

  23. I am new to your channel and have been watching your episodes b2b, where are y'all located?

  24. I know the video is a bit old however how did you get all of the inventory for your opening day? I want to open a game store next to a card shop in my area

  25. just some positive words from a small coletor from Portugal, hope your business is doing well
    I hope one day I have the opportunity to work in the gaming industry like you!

  26. I had to check the date on this vid due to all the lockdowns and ps3 and n64 sales 🤪

  27. You'll get your rent when you fix this damn door! says:

    Video games and an abominable putridity poster. I found a business partner

  28. 1:35 awww his name is Zelda? Zelda looks just like my cat gallifrey

  29. Good luck with the store man! Big responsibility, but amazing outcome.

  30. That was super awesome to watch. Been watching for about a year cool to see the first day.

  31. Dam first time seeing this. Showed up on feed, it has grown and changed quite a bit since then !

  32. I wish you would talk about VHS more. Ever sell anything expensive?

  33. Hey man. I am not sure if you will see this message however I figure I'd ask. I was interested in opening up my own video game store someday, it has always been a dream of mine, however I wasn't sure if you could possibly give me any tips? What would I need to do? Would I need experience with business? Thank you.

  34. This will be 3 years in August! It is crazy how fast time goes by! This was a fun vlog to watch again now that you guys hired additional employees and expanding. It’s so cool to see the store growing. And it’s incredibly deserved. Double Jump is my favorite store in the Portland/Vancouver area. Even before I knew the vlogs existed. I don’t come to Vancouver often and I wish you guys were on the Oregon side as I’d visit often, but its really fun to watch the channel and see the growth and updates and in person you guys are super cool. Take care peeps!

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