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FNAF Fan Games 7: BEWARE the App Store! | That Cybert Channel

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FNAF Fan Games 7. Fine. We’ll do it, but we’re going in a different direction. Today, Cybert takes on the Google Play store to see what FNAF Fan Made Games can be found for Android. There may be Among Us, Baldi, Big Chungus, and more, but are these games good or even created for the right reasons?



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  1. 13:27 Ah yes, AWS. totally not supposed to be a grammatical error.

  2. you should take a look at some of the fnaf*B* (five nights at fuckboys) fangames sometime. not the sequels, just.. games that are heavily based off of fnafb like fnaff (five nights at fucking foxys) or gfds (golden freddys debauchery simulator).

  3. I love that the cat in that one game was legit probably just there for wholesomeness, and it bloody worked.

  4. Maybe for the custom night, it's not you that is saying the opinion, it's everyone recommending games.

  5. Freddy hears about the Dating sim, and starts having violent spasms

    Chica, worried as hell: "Freddy… Did you watch those weird fan series about us again?😰"

    Bonnie shouting from another room: "GOD DAMMIT, if it's the one that shipped me with Toy Chica again!😡"

    Freddy, turning his head like a silent hill demon: "I sense a great disturbance in the natural order of the multiverse…"

    The dating sims… they've returned… WITH AVENGENCE…

    Everything else in panic mode: Starts trashing the pizzeria in their paranoia

  6. Has anyone had idea for the next part to only be about games they already talked about but now only there sequels like five nights at candy's 2 or 3 or final nights 3 or 4 or even jolly 2,3,4 would that not be cool

  7. How did I also have the idea of using camera shots of my house to make a game

  8. Did she say "No more Tapes"?

    I love those videos!

  9. Five nights at froggies Is a weird fan game on mobile but to everyone PLEASE PLAY IT, it is full of so much personality and it's (for a game that's enemies are plushies) surprisingly scary! It's awesome! So please please play it! It's incredible!

  10. I got the first 2 mid rolls didnt get the third more intrusive one
    Ehh, afton always comes back

  11. I am not a game developer but I had an idea for a fnaf fan game story in which a diner named Freddy's disco diner was an early diner that came before fredbears, Freddy's disco diners animatronics include disco freddy, disco bonnie disco chica, disco foxy, disco BB, and disco puppet. Due to a recent animatronic failure resulting in an accident Freddy's disco diner closes down but gets rebranded and turned into Bidybabs family funtime pizzeria featuring mr. And mrs. Bidybab and friends.

    Edit: I am looking into game design so hopefully this may become a reality!

  12. Be more bold and drop the f-bomb once in a while. I won't kill you.

  13. Fnaf Fan Games Episode 8 The Last Brain Cell

  14. Fnaf fangames: security breach
    Dan covers the many ads that plague the internet containing even the slightest fnaf reference in painstaking detail and gets a computer virus in the process…

  15. I see you are running into some problems with Jerika.
    Might be time to remind her who the boss is around here.
    You know what to do.

  16. 20:44 the first FNAF dating sim also did that, buy enough gifts, get a gift that makes it so gift man/B.B makes out with you. Also,the secret in the first one is the same version of it, just with clown masks

  17. now to annoy dan with making Friday night funking mods part 2.

  18. Bruh You Will Get A Better Viewing Experience If You Watch Andiematronics Video On The Same Topic

    (Not To Plug I’m Just Saying)

  19. oooo researcher SamSam approved list, sugoi!!! O yes, horror clowns in your pocket, looooovely. ooooo dark-neko dragged Rev's dome up from the bowels of the closet portal 0.0

  20. [Possible story, my story anyway about the ending of the episode, THIS WAS FOR FUN! Anyway Enjoy!]

    Dan, you need to understand…you will understand.
    There will be no more script. No more plans.
    Her sanity cracked.
    Afton was here, he was going to take you.
    Until the bunny turned prey.
    Her insanity isn't what you think.
    Your closet is not what you think.
    It is a portal where evils and paranormal cross into our world, YoUr WoRlD.
    Jerrica isn't under your control anymore…
    She will take over soon,
    YoU bEtTeR hIdE fRoM tHe CaT…
    bEfOrE sHe GeTs YoU…aNd EnD uP lIkE tHe BrOkEn BuNnY…
    Here comes your DoOm…

    (Thanks for reading this comment, I like making stories or lore. I am a sophomore in high school and have designs for a FNaF Fangame, I don't know how to use Unity OR Unreal so expect this game to show up in "FNaF Fangames 49: Dan isn't Dan anymore". Dan, if you read this thanks for reading and well if you want a part 2 to this story let me know 😉 I could probably whip something up, just continue pumping out awesome videos either way!)

  21. I must say, the interaction between Dan and Jerika makes it so much better.

  22. Dan and the team had WAAAAY too much fun with this episode. And I loved it! Great job, Dan!

  23. That closet freaked me out more than the fan games

  24. Jesus dude, the closet thing was fucking Walter files creepy, complete with face liquification

  25. Battington on closet,Battington on closet,Battington on closet.

  26. We need to give him the diamond play button.

  27. Probably best to do just mobile games as there are only so many FNAF fan games on the web. Probably the best looking one that came out recently (and is also actually scary) is Five Nights at Treasure Island Remake. Other than that I can’t think of many other notable ones.

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