FREE Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on Epic Games Store confirmed -

FREE Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on Epic Games Store confirmed
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The leaked Twitter ad confirms that GTA V will be available for free on Epic Games Store today.


  1. Am i the only one who gets the unexpected error screen when i start up epic games launcher?

  2. i just started downloading check my channel!

  3. bruh i wish all of us who paid to get something OG or some shit,these kids will destroy community rip

  4. Bro plz subscribe to my channel abstraction avengers!

  5. Its real but the website is down
    Edit: I got 3 accounts EPICO

  6. the errors are bc every1 tryna get it rn, it should get better soon.

  7. Update: Rage *SHOULD* work with it, as it should count as the retail version. If it doesn't, please send a screenshot on the ragepluginhook website found here:

  8. I owned and downloading its require around 94 GB space to install. 😊😊😊

  9. The game is detroyed.. I'm not gonna play gta 5 anymore

  10. so it will be available with social club and the online mode and all this sht ot what ?

  11. Aaaaaaaaaand the servers crashed XXDDDDD

  12. i h8 epic, they do everything to make us hate as fortnite community

  13. will GTA Online work? I ot banned on my Steam ID one. can I access GTA Online, albeit new ID?

  14. does it say "coming soon" on the download page for anyone else ?lmao

  15. i'd like to see all the people talking trash about the epic store now…

  16. Do I need to download it in order to keep it in my account or just by adding it ?

  17. always show me FORBIDDEN 403 when i try to opne de EPIC GAMES website….?????

  18. i got my hands for a copy and now it needs to download

    it been an hour and its only on 11 percent and took 12 gb now

  19. Can I play it for free forever if I purchase it now or is it like free trial?

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