Games Are Pulling Out of the Epic Games Store Sale - IGN Daily Fix -

Games Are Pulling Out of the Epic Games Store Sale – IGN Daily Fix

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Epic Games sales loses some games, Minecraft Earth is built out of nothing, and an update to the Riot Games walkout.

Doom Patrol: “Pilot” (Full Episode 1):

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  1. Hard to hear what she’s saying when I’m not looking at her lips 😇

  2. From wearing bra over the shirt to this we all grew up

  3. So this is the daily fix everyone is talking about.

  4. ohh boy came here for game news, stayed for….

  5. Who else is seeing this the first time? After a year has been posted… 👍

  6. Hello nurse. Talk to me talk to me talk to me Sydneeee. Yoosh. Thanks IGN.

  7. Plunging neckline….eh doesn't suit this news presentation and you want to be taken seriously

  8. This video is one year old!!
    How dare YouTube recommendations keep this outta my feed! 😠

  9. Like and watch this twice so that IGN knows what we value and implement it in all its videos

  10. Lmao admit it. No one cares abt the weekly fix or whatever the hell its name 😂

  11. Why are there so many ads of games in between the scenes with Sydney?! Wth?!?

  12. She's trys to hard, thumbnail use to be about the game but now it's more about the eye candy for ign's thumbnails

  13. i’m willing to risk it all 🤷‍♂️

  14. And y'all make her ran away. Well done pervs lol

  15. My eyes… My eyes… My eyes…. – Phoebe

  16. Why you Don't make bra ?

  17. What’s the first thing you’re gonna make with Minecraft Earth?

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