Games Coming Out Soon to the Epic Games Store | Spring 2020 -

Games Coming Out Soon to the Epic Games Store | Spring 2020

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Spring just arrived, and there’s no better time to share what fresh new games are arriving on the Epic Games Store! Wishlist or pre-purchase these titles and more at

Check out the games coming out soon this Spring to the Epic Games Store. Some are in the store right now and others you can pre-purchase or add to your Wishlist! Everyone can find a game to play with all of these outstanding game titles. Check out the list of games coming out soon:

Control: The Foundation
Remedy Entertainment | 505 Games | Add-on available March 26, 2020

Totally Reliable Delivery Service
We’re Five Games | TinyBuild | Available April 1, 2020

Santa Ragione | Coming soon

Dread Nautical
Zen Studios | Pre-Purchase Now | Available April 29, 2020

Among Trees
FJRD Interactive | Early Access | Summer 2020

Industries of Titan
Brace Yourself Games | Available April 14, 2020

The GD Studio | Closed Beta Available Now!

Sludge Life
Devolver Digital | Terri Vellmann & Doseone | Coming Spring 2020

Samurai Shodown
SNK | Coming Spring 2020

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  1. I hate you at all cost epic games… you took everything from minecraft , burn in hell.

  2. i know the owner of epic games his name is Henry in stickman veidio axzyte please Henry do face reval your family leave a like who believe me and don comment

  3. Please unbanned Faze Jarvis from Fortnite

  4. Why did you add so many requirements to your game just to get an account on it>:(

  5. My friend got hat also like you to help him OK

  6. Can you give us more refunds I accidentally pressed on a skin but I didn’t want it and I have no refunds

  7. Quiero el pase de froniteno tengo skins

  8. Unban Jarvis or I am quoting fortnite😡

  9. I want them to release fortnite for the xbox 360 e

  10. Epic games store amm can you open the fortnite ay cant dowload it pls

  11. #My oppo A52020 device 64/3gb ram snap-dragon 665 does not supported in this game

  12. Can you make the box easier to kill in creative

  13. Hey someone hacked my account in fortnite and I can’t login

  14. Vulte the pump shotgun!!!!🤬🤬😠😠😡😡👿👿

  15. Such a bummer Samurai Shodown is an Epic Games exclusive… wish it was on Steam.

  16. Hello epic games can I have more tickets in fortnite because I got big foot and I don’t like him and my name is bbimsad25 in fortnite

  17. Hey epic games there’s something I want to say. It is not about the game . it’s about infinity blade. epic games can you please get infinity blade and infinity blade 2 and infinity blade 3 back from App Store. I miss the games so much. please get infinity blade and infinity blade 2 and infinity 3 back and add it into App Store or Android like you once did. please get game back please I miss it so much.

  18. I just uninstalled EGS, it has alot of issues

  19. just note if you want your data monitored at all times just download epic games store and if epic gets a data breach everyones fucked

  20. so many bum hurt steam players i own 2k games on steam what have they done for us? steam is greedy same sale shit each year same price least epic try and give out freebies i support epic now

  21. where is commander lilith dlc for borderlands?

  22. Tbh. 80% of your fans are children and that only because of fortnight and the fact, that you gift them old games.
    Good job.

  23. Can u bring back merging accounts in Fortnite….

  24. When will cars and helicopters and the new guns come to fortnite creative

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