Get GTA V FREE on Epic Games Store GUIDE | This product is currently unavailable in your region FIX -

Get GTA V FREE on Epic Games Store GUIDE | This product is currently unavailable in your region FIX

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Are you getting the “You’re account is unable to download any more free games at this time” and “This product is currently unavailable in your region”? This method works in downloading region locked games (especially for those who want to download GTA V but can’t).

DotVPN Chrome Extension:

Make sure to use Google Chrome. Written steps down below on the working method how to bypass Epic Games Store’s region lock message and download, install, claim the offer Grand Theft Auto V – GTA V for free. This method works as of May 2020.

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Steps (Use Google Chrome):
1. Change your account region
2. Turn on your VPN
3. Go to the GTA V page and continue until the checkout page.
4. Turn off the VPN
5. Hit Purchase.

If your account have a purchase history (you purchased a game with real money), you won’t be able to change your account region. To still bypass the region lock, try skipping the first step and continute to the 3rd step. If it still doesn’t work, you need to contact EpicGames themselves and request to have your region updated. [Props to my friend Heaven for the method!]

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  1. I swear when I grow up I’m going to zoom to America

  2. i cant change my location on epic games cause i purchased something

  3. Great work man..thank you so much💚it is now downloading..big thanks from lebanon💚

  4. Bro I just wanna say thank u so much ❤👍love from india ….I always kept on getting its unavailable wait for 24 hours to redeem it even tho I did exact same thing except when we purchase it I forgot to turn of the VPN ….so finally installed it and thank u man once again 👍💪❤❤

  5. i had a question i had buyed the game form your process and also have downloaded from your process . but while playing it /the game should keep the vpn on or off

  6. I still get the you cant download free game error, I cant wait 24 hours because the sale will go away

  7. It did worked here in Dubai
    Thanks dude

  8. it says account is unable to download any more free games at this time, please wait 24 hours before trying to redeem a free game again.


  10. Hi can someone help it says 50% off for me and with a coupon it says 4 dollars
    Its not free for me

  11. this is so sad because o did what you told me to do but I got late and now gta is for 14 dollars noooooooooooooo

  12. bet you wouldnt have to do all this stuff to buy vbucks

  13. bro i thought you were gonna say bypass the contact an epic supporter please i need help i am contacting them but they are not changing it how can i change it without sending an email

  14. I have the game but its says i do not own it but i got it from the free gta week

  15. I have gta v on epic store. But I can not playing game. I click to Play on Epic button at Rockstar Social Club but not opening. It is saying "This feature is not currently available and Quitting" Why? How can resolve this problem. How?

  16. every step was correct but when i did the ofer has finished hmm crybby

  17. can anybody share the file with me its not free for me

  18. Man It Didn't Work For Me And I Am From Saudi Arabia

  19. I cannot its locked as my country even if I try to change the region plz help

  20. dude omg THANK U SOOOOOOOOO MUCH love from UAE

  21. Thx now I can download mods so I can be a cop

  22. guys just an extra tip, if you Epic launcher keeps not downloading the game or telling you it's not available in you region too even if you made the (free) purchase, you have to Sign out and sign in again with the VPN is on, then you should go to the store and look for the game (GTA V) under free games, and it should say "owned", just click on it to start downloading.
    your welcome, and thank you for the great video kuya, salamat 😀

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