Get NBA 2K21 For FREE On The Epic Games Store! (FREE GAME WORTH $49.99) -

Get NBA 2K21 For FREE On The Epic Games Store! (FREE GAME WORTH $49.99)

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Get NBA 2K21 For FREE On The Epic Games Store! (FREE GAME WORTH $49.99)

In today’s video I explain how to get NBA 2K21 for FREE via the Epic Games Store! If this video was helpful, then feel free to Hit 👍 “LIKE” 👍 – Thank you!

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Make sure your EPIC GAMES account has 2FA Enabled:

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  1. I bought in epic games store how do I download it in ps4

  2. thanksssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would miss it thanks!!!!

  3. yo epic games giveaway fifa 19 like this pls

  4. hi can you please answer my question i once installed the free game in epic games store after that i have so many problems the games resolution are low and i cant run it smoother

    i have a laptop called acer nitro 5
    i5 10th gen
    gtx 1650 ti 4gb
    8 gb ram

    and the still running slower can i fix this or my ram low?

  5. Anyone know how to fix the rosters being out of date, just downloaded from epic since it's free but like javale Mcgee is still on the Lakers and Aaron Gordon is with the magic. Idk what's going on.

  6. will you have it permanently or just for the week?

  7. im the only one in park bro this shit dead on pc Lmfao

  8. It show me owned NBA 2k21 when i haven't got it yet ? Any tips guys ?

  9. it wont run on my pc sad tried downloading it again twice

  10. I can't save my mycareer progress. It starts over when I quit the game. Can somebody tell me how can I fix this?


  12. How to fix if it is not autosaving on my career

  13. Epic really hooking us up with these good games free props to them

  14. Is it possible to play this on my Xbox or just pc

  15. The thing is that I need more space on my pc. But I don’t know how to delete space

  16. Bro my NBA 2k21 in epic games can’t auto save. I made mycareer after that I exit the game and go back and play it will reset and also my controls will go to default. Can you help me?

  17. How do we verify our account for 2k when there is no icon to choose epic games as you network

  18. guys do not download the game is jus a waste of time when u play my career and grind, but if u exited it and comeback it will sometimes delete or never save your player and they are a lot of bug with this game

  19. Will you have it permanently or just for a week?

  20. Of course when i checked it, it was not free anymore

  21. Fuck I was going to get a pc just to get 2k for free

  22. i was to late who got a acc with it that dnt want it

  23. Please don't install this on your pc because windows will call you and make you pay money and they delete the file i installed it and my dad got a call from windows so please dont windows will charge you.Also if ur 18 + they will charge you this is a warning they will charge u because copyright

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