Get the Warframe Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle on Epic Games Store | Game Awards Trailer -

Get the Warframe Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle on Epic Games Store | Game Awards Trailer

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For a limited time, get the Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle free on the Epic Games Store and deliver a blast from the past to your enemies in Warframe! As revealed during The Game Awards 2020, you’ll be able to wield the iconic Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher and Shock Rifle through their Tenno counterparts in the Drakgoon, Ogris and Stahlta. Relive the tournaments of your glory days in the Origin System today!


Join 50M+ registered players in Warframe, a cooperative, third-person looter shooter that pushes your limits with frenetic combat and epic adventures, set in a constantly evolving sci-fi universe. Visit to learn more.

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  4. FREE JARVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. FREE JARVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. FREE JARVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hope you finish unreal tournament 4 (please)

  8. Wtf ? They actually mentioned unreal tournament?! How about you finish that game please you guys just left it without warning a remake of unreal 99 would be great too like that’s ever gonna happen lol

  9. thank you for joining my stream sorry my wifi went out
    because i have class but thank you

  10. Epic game stop banning people on fortnight for no reason

  11. Fortnite better have fnaf in it or I’m going to explode of rage

  12. What I’m saying is can you make fnaf in fortnite please 🥺

  13. Digital Extremes and Epic games. JUST GIVE ME UT5

  14. hello epic games or nintendo switch i know this is a unexpected email but Somebody had to say it once in probably for all If i cilp.the capture buttun on my nintendo switch but i'm pretty sure you guys are awhere of it Nintendo switch sells are already going down But by Letting us Capture our Fortnite cilps instead of buying a capture card Is much better because not everyone have the nintendo switch that let you use the capture cards because nintendo switch lite players can't use The capture card It don't matter if our systems crash And take up to much memory We can just get a MircoSD Card And If we Crash We can hold down on the power button and reset Spread The News

  15. This, of course, is cool, but it would be better to finally see a new unreal, and not a weapon pack

  16. How about you guys put some time and effort into unreal tournament?
    You guys remember that game right?
    It's the one that makes every other fps look like they're in slow mo.

  17. scrap Unreal Tournament 4 rebrand it to "Unreal" (reboot) and make an amazing single player experience like doom but keep the amazing unreal tournament multiplayer.

  18. Ditch fortnite and go back to your roots I know a bunch of 10 year olds would be pissed but the OG generation of pc gamers would be so happy

  19. Seriously in this day and age …..with the tech , the headsets crisp and crystal clear we need another console/pc unreal tournament ….the announcer though…double kill….heaaaaadddddssshhhhhooooott!

  20. I thought CCP, People Can Fly, Tencent would be busier supporting Fortnite/Battle Royale/Save the World/Creative only. Made by Epic Games.

  21. Imagine a remake of the original Unreal single player on UE5. Like doom it would be a huge hit. Along side UT multiplayer with a free market for skins and stuff. I would pay for

  22. Fuck Fortnite and this jarvis twat.. MAKE UT5!

  23. Epic games please remaster Unreal Championship liandri conflict now

  24. With raiden and mk announcer it is needed in a big way

  25. No comment on this.
    Bring back Unreal Tournament !

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