How The Epic Games Store Wants To FIGHT Steam -

How The Epic Games Store Wants To FIGHT Steam

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The Epic Games store has been making big moves to compete with Steam in a short amount of time. How exactly does this all work? What does it mean? Let’s talk.
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  1. Epic Games : releases fortnite*
    Steam : *RELEASES HALF LIFE 3*

  2. if Tencent, sorry, Epic Games, manages to win this store war, I'll just return to piracy.

  3. Yeah… exclusivity is not consumer friendly. Fuck epic Steam all the way

  4. The only steam related thing they could beat is the steam box

  5. With this competition maybe steam starts to sell actual good games instead of trash.

  6. Epic store: enters steam territory.
    Steam:you mess with the wrong store fool.

  7. The electromagnetic signals from your Wi-Fi have replaced most military radar. Thes signals constantly bounce off of your skin allowing the NSA to track your every movement and even record your heart beat, emotions and EEG.

  8. And here I am, 5 months later.. After the epic store mega sale shitshow..

    Oh. And valve still does not care.

  9. Epic Games: Im about to end this man’s whole care-
    Steam: Are you sure about that

  10. So basically, devs don't want an ecosystem on Epic's launcher, because they want to be able to control what people say about their titles?

    No thanks, I'll stick with Steam and GOG. I can discern a toxic review from an informative one, and I don't need a dev to have a final say in whether or not what I say is appropriate enough.

  11. Epic games is sorry. Only popular game they really have is fortnite without it they are nothing. I'm tired of these battle passes I don't want to spend money to play a game when I already bought the game. Also fortnite is slowly dieing epic stands no chance

  12. fuck this shit dude epic is trash might have an amazing unreal engine which ive used before but sounds to me if someone makes a game with unreal engine they will forceably make people sell their games on epic store good luck epic you will fall to your face vs steam there are to many fantastic aspects that are with steam

  13. Epic: Tries to fuck steam
    Gaben: Slaps Epic, Curb Stomps Him, Releases Half-Life 3

  14. I would never ever buy anything on epic store.

  15. Epic games launcher is still a trashy platform, games are more expensive and as I see it it's FAR from competitive to steam, as they are lacking so many features that we got with steam. Sure it is beneficial to companies, but to us, the buyers, it really isn't…
    They had multiple security breaches.
    Their customer service is straight up shit.
    No achievements, which is boring to achievements hunters.
    Their design is trash and not very intuitive.

    Not to mention all the other points that that was brought up by other people, like TeeTime.

    Oh well, time to take a hiatus from getting new games until they come on steam, prefer to have all my games on one launcher anyways…. having origin, steam and uplay is already too many, as I sometimes forget which game is on which platform

  16. we know they arent investing back into gaming, they are pocketing our money and slowly cutting services until they are gone along with our money… and they dont care how many small devs they gota stand on top of to get there.

  17. I only really have the Epic Store because of the Free games every week.

  18. Steam is like a social media while epic is just a bare bones launcher.

  19. Yea so free games every week now and they fixed a bunch of things..

  20. Idk if pirated is a good reason to play on a single player games i mean COME ON

  21. The answer is in the thumbnail steam will just crash epic that's it

  22. the one thing I have to say is the layout on Epic Games is far superior to Steam.

  23. If Valve just released HL3, the debate will be absolutely OVER!


  24. it's like how cable tv channels are making there own site's like netflix so now all games companies are doing what steam make there own and do like the tv channels did to netflix take there stuff off them site and have it just on there own like disney has done so to put it short all the own of the stuff want to make more money of there stuff by making it the only way to get there stuff is just from them killing things like netflix and steam and so on and so on

  25. I’m the only kid in my whole school who has steam. Fortnite has taken my friends away from me

  26. whats is the licence for making games on sorce engine?

  27. I'm just hoping that the developers will return to steam

  28. They failed. We can all say that right now.

  29. 17 years ago i wait fore halfelife 3 now still nothing 😅

  30. wanted to buy siege for 10 euro with a paysafecard couldnt because i didnt have 66 fuckin cents i asked i coud pay just 10 euro and then some dude told me to fuck off literally

  31. When people start a fight against steam
    Gaben: all i need to do is to count to 3 and all of you will cease to exist

  32. No one can fight steam cuz STEAM IS STEAM AND STEAM WILL BE STEAM.

  33. I really hate when steam says this when i try to like a comment in steams forum '' this feature is not available to u spend at least 10 dollars to unlock it'' 😡😒😒

  34. By making timed exclusives to stop other stores of getting the same games? That’s not competition, that is scummy monopolistic tactics

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