How To Claim 15 Free Games From The Epic Games Store! -

How To Claim 15 Free Games From The Epic Games Store!

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In today’s video I will be showing you how to claim 15 free games from the epic games store this month. All you need to do is log on to epic games every day and get each game, from here you will have the game in your library forever. Not only that, epic games will also be doing a discount of up to 75% on a lot of games this month. Hope you all enjoy the video! Subscribe to help me reach 5000 subscribers by the end of the year!

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  1. Many people think you keep the game forever its just for 15 days read carefully Epic announcment 😉

  2. wait when we install that game we can only play 15 days?

  3. Hey i cant take the free games and the coupond also

  4. Does the gift card go away when you get a free game will it still use it?

  5. I look for the free game on the Epic Games Store and it doesn't show up, I search the game up and it shows no results found. Am I doing something wrong? Did I get the dates wrong? Are the free games excluded in Australia? I need help.

  6. Great because I'm downloading epic games now

  7. Do we have to pay for the games after the Jan 7

  8. Bro i will buy Border Lands 3.At Creator tag what should i put or i can order it without anything in Creator tag?

  9. I m the most lucky man that got gta 5 for free. Can you just think of it.

  10. Who is here after the last game has been given away btw happy new year

  11. After I claimed and I "own" the game, how do I download it?? help!!

  12. Look what they did to master Chief!!!! God I hate that Company

  13. I miss the GTA 5!!! 😫😫😫 Will gta 5 came back for free? I just got Jurrasic world for free today

  14. Can you make a video on it when it's freeagain instantly

  15. Does the free Games on Epic games has an expiry date?

    Next week they'll release a free Battlefront 2. I was planning to get it on epic store if there is no expiration date.

  16. You can claim the games on your phone by going to there website on Google

  17. Do you have to use a credit card to buy things from the epic store or can I use a gift card?

  18. Can you get them now or is it finished?

  19. Guess i have to wait 11 months… 😀

  20. Hey star wars battlefront 2 is free on epic games

  21. Crap I didnt manage to get em :((((

  22. lol what should you do if you missed everything :(((((

  23. idol plssss give me gta5 name in steam b4nong2 name in epic games B4nong plsss give me tommorow is my birthday plssss idol. i share it i subscribe i like all of your videos plss idol.

  24. How can you claim these free games from epic game store BUT IN ps4 because I cant really get free games from epic games store to the ps4

  25. Can you get epic store games on your Xbox by any chance? And can you buy it on your xbox

  26. Finally english speaker youtuber talking about epic games

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