How to find the Google Play Store best game? -
How to find the Google Play Store best game

How to find the Google Play Store best game?

This platform offers all kinds of genres. Each category includes tons of titles. So is it even possible to name just one? Highly unlikely, – and it’s good. Because we’ve got hundreds of ways to have fun. Looking for the Google Play store’s best game? Here’s a piece of advice for you.

From the very top

In search of true gems don’t disregard the platforms’ tops. They are made by users. Thus they give the most complete picture. You can find both free and paid titles there. All you have to do is try. Then make your own rates. And maybe even leave a review to help other gamers.

The Google Play store best game’s slate

Ok, there will be more than one. Meet the candidates for such an honorable title. Each is from the Top 10. The bonus is they are free!

  1. Coin Master

Coin Master

By May 2021 this adventure had 3 million downloads. Nice design and the Vikings theme made a cool combo. Enjoyed by so many people, it is a great time-killer. Build the strongest village and raid others. Win your loot, collect cards, attack your Facebook friends. The party never ends while the wheel is spinning.

  1. Garena Free Fire – Rampage

Garena Free Fire - Rampage

An app downloaded 15 million times has got to be awesome. Join the survival shooter and compete with real people. Each round lasts 10 minutes. You’re on an island with 49 others. Hide, explore, stay invisible, and attack when the moment is right. Create 4-users teams using a voice chat. Try to stay the last one standing.

  1. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

Obviously, if you’re a fan of the franchise, it’s a must. But even if you are not, give it a try. Augmented reality is not sci-fi anymore. It’s here to bring you a unique gaming experience. Catch those strangely adorable creatures on the real-world streets. Compete with other users for Gym ownership while taking a walk outside.

When you’re done with the three examples, keep on trying. You will definitely find your own Google Play Store best game. Good luck!

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