How To Fix Microsoft Store Not Downloading Apps or Games Issue -

How To Fix Microsoft Store Not Downloading Apps or Games Issue

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In this video, I will show you guys how to fix Microsoft Store not Downloading apps and games fix for Windows 10.


Powershell command:

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  1. NAH, im flip my shit. Bought flight sim thew fucking 115$ edition cant refund that shit, doesnt really matter only 115 dollars but that pisses me of

  2. September 7 2021 still showing error don't know what to do

  3. But my sign in problem is there, how can I fix no signing in in Microsoft store

  4. after reset the app my microsoft store is not opening plz fix this

  5. at least you areant HAND TYPING a link JUST FOR IT TO NOT WORK

  6. Ok but do anyone know how to get this to happen because when this was happening to me my computer was going much faster lol

  7. my microsfot just loading by applying your tip

  8. even if I reset it still doesn't work like amazing

  9. but after reset microsoft store and then I restart and open it but it is not opening after then I use this method also that copy the text from your description but in my computer microsoft store is not opening

  10. it doesnt let me open the store any more

  11. powershell method worked. Thanks a bunch bro.

  12. Thanks so much! First idea worked immediately!

  13. I tried to download Minecraft but the site showed error 404 so after i tried every video tutorial to fix it , it didn't work so i bought it from the Microsoft store and now it doesn't want to download and i bought my pc three days ago and now I'm breaking down

  14. Nothing worked for me but it was worth the try
    guess I have no choice but to watch 720p netflix on the browser

  15. My pc saying it needs update but when I try to update it doesn't work tell me something so I can at least play angry bird

  16. I’ve tried many things and this one made it worse now I can’t even open it

  17. What about for XBox consoles? I'm having issues with the sign in required when I'm already signed in? I cannot like or dislike on account of this video not giving me information for consoles. So in this case, I'll have to give the neutral for this meaning I'm neither liking nor disliking.

  18. ty you did a better job than microsofts customer support who just suggests to reinstall your operating system

  19. This worked like magic!!✨
    Thanks a bunch bro!😍

  20. THANK YOU lot bro ….power shell worked great

  21. My account is show but download isn't start

  22. thank you this is helpping me soooo much

  23. Hopefully this works cause when I looked it up they said to sign out then back in but I got a error when trying to sign in then I reset the app like u did hopefully this works when I get home

  24. none of these have worked I've seen 3 different videos and nothing has worked what do i do

  25. This just happened to me I bought an add ons bundle and the money came out but says error when I try download it

  26. it didint work for me 🙁 cause i didint had wreset

  27. after resetting it wont open anymore help me

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