How To Get a Refund On The Epic Games Store - Full Tutorial -

How To Get a Refund On The Epic Games Store – Full Tutorial

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There is a small intro on how to get a steam refund as it is very straight forward but the rest is all about the epic store.

Link to the epic store:

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  1. This no longer works. You can't click on the options you select. You can't click on a game. It shows your name now.

  2. Hey man great video helped a lot, just one question how long will it take for epic games to respond to my help ticket?

  3. how long does it take for refunding if i use visa card?

  4. Realized I couldn’t refund but thanks for the future refrence

  5. thank you, only needed to wait a few minutes before i got the refund.

  6. So i got hacked and I am trying to get a refund and I followed all the steps and when i pressed the i cant login it takes me to a different page than yours. The hacker changed my password and email, so what do i do?

  7. Anyone here trying to refund cyberpunk 2077?

  8. hey bro its been 4 days and i still havent gotten my refund my play time was only 1 hour, the game is gta is the refund still processing?

  9. i really need help so i bought gta with a paysafe card and refund it cause it didnt worked somehow i did everything but aint got my refundis it possible with paysafe to get refund somehow+

  10. Just wanted to refund cyberpunk but I’ve played 3 hours. 😐😭

  11. Hey if you could help me it would be really great. I requested a refund yesterday and still got no response. Any idea why ?

  12. i bought borederlands on my laptop and i didnt get the skin on my xbox, PLS HELP

  13. Just Some Communist With Internet Access says:

    Can you refund them if you bought them for free when they were on sale and get the actual price so you gain money?

  14. Hello!How long does it take to give me my money back

  15. My money didn’t get back to my card bro

  16. How long does it takes from the refund is accepted till you get your money back again?

  17. how long dose it take for you to go get your money back

  18. Yesterday I refunded a game and I still haven't received my money back what do I do? 😔😔 I would really appreciate it if you help

  19. Do you get your money back, when you bought the vbucks with gift cards?

  20. did they update it, cause I can only send them a Supportrequest without a refund
    of a game

  21. How to get your money back on all the vbucks you have bought in the past

  22. Could I refund GTA5 because Some people say all games Can’t get refunded

  23. When will I get my money back after I refunded

  24. this just does not look like this anymore

  25. That’s sucks I had a in game update that add a couple hours

  26. what if you don’t have an invoice iD can u still get a refund because I never got my email because my email is fake

  27. hey bro i need to refund nitro because it is not my discord account

  28. Bummer, I ran death stranding for 2 hours and 20 minutes. So close 🙁

  29. Does the money go straight back to your credit card?

  30. accidentally bought a game and it was refunded 20 days ago with paypal but the game is still in my library lol

  31. bruh fuck this, I asked for a refund before I hit two hours, then I thought it said "play for 2 hours to be able to refund, so I wasted 1 and a half hour just waiting to be able to refund it, fucking bullshit

  32. I tried this on a game I got for free lol DID NOT WORK

  33. Unfortunately im Refunding Farcry 6, Love the game But i Cant run it that well

  34. were does the money go tho does it go strait back to ur credit card or you can chose what the money will go to like steam?

  35. How long did it take to get your money back?

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