How to install Epic Games Store on Linux -

How to install Epic Games Store on Linux

Chris Titus Tech
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Gaming on Linux with Epic Games just Leveled Up with this Launcher!

00:00 Intro
00:30 Heroic Game Launcher GitHub
01:11 AUR Install for Heroic
01:35 Launching Heroic Game Launcher
02:09 Login and Installing first game
04:11 Downloading and Resuming Game Downloads
04:50 Launcher Settings and Configuration
06:20 Drawbacks and Downsides of Epic Games on Linux
07:00 Legendary Launcher works along side Heroic
07:35 Final Thoughts

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  1. This works a treat. I had Legendary set up, but after testing it a few times, I decided that it wasn't worth going beyond the "this is neat!" stage of exploring the project.

    I had this up, running, and playing Cave Story in less than ten minutes (including the download of both the Heroic launcher and Cave Story).

    I have to thank you for putting all of these cool projects on our collective radars.

  2. yay more launchers. thats what we need. back to piracy.

  3. Cool app, works great. My only comment…. never put money down for a game from Epic if you're using Linux, but knock yourself out for anything they give away. If Epic wants your money they can damn well support Linux. ( Plus you've got no comeback if the game stops working ). Free games good. Epic bad.

  4. Hello, how did you get proton as a choice of wine version ?

  5. I use The launcher to download and use Lutris for the actual launching…

  6. as you usually do you jump around and you are very very hard to follow – some written notes would be helpful

  7. This is cool for the games side of things. Just wish there was an easy way to get marketplace assets to the Unreal Engine on Linux.

  8. can anyone help please. i just shifted from windows to pop! os but when i installed it the resolution was stuck at 622 x 422 (its not the perfect number but it was something like that)
    i could not change it when i got to settings .then i tried to reboot and when i was installing again it was perfect .but it told me to reset when i reseted it chaged back to being stuck at 622 x 422 (pls help me !)

  9. why do people have so many problems with nvidia, i have zero problems running my games under linux with my nvidia 1660 super. it was easy to install into my system when i re-installed the other day or any time i have installed linux. jsut saying.

  10. I suspected a skip of video on launching Civ VI and yes it happens in this video also 😉 Little friendly hint. You can not play Civ VI with Proton and its forks, either by starting the game on Dx11 or Dx12 you will get a total black or gray window, No video no sound just the poor cursor and Alt-Tab ability to end it. Not even tricking Steam to launch it from outside. Been there done that. Only Civ VI in native mode works.

  11. While the HGL does look neat, my current open source epic games launcher of choice is called Rare; granted it is currently in beta phase.

  12. This is so much better than installing the epic launcher via Lutris and then installing from within a wine container.

    Probably going to give Linux gaming a go again soon. Tried it for a month before and it was really not bad.
    Hopefully they also finally patched the multi-monitor glitch on Navi cards. That was a real deal breaker.

  13. hello, what happened to the minecraft server you were talking about a month ago

  14. This worked great with my Ryzen 2600 and GTX 1650s! On pop os. Loving Linux!

  15. Which linux distro would you recommend? And what's the best linux distro in your opinion?

  16. Which software you use for updating drivers in windows 10 pz tell

  17. Weirdly enough, in Civ 6 official requirements, it says that only NVidia cards are officially supported on Linux. Did anyone have experience with launching it on an AMD card?

  18. Can you do a video for the curse forge mod loaders on Minecraft.

  19. Did someone tried to replace official Steam Launcher? The reason for that would be that it uses 500 Mb of RAM – not a problem for me personally but it's still too much if you just want to play some indie game that takes the same 500 Mb 😉

  20. Chris you never see my comment I am unsubscribing you

  21. As another person already asked, I too would like to know how you got Proton as an option in the Wine tab.

  22. Well I used a debloat script and it made my sound control a clasic windows 7 one I want the windows 10 one back can ya help me

  23. Can we play FortNite on linux ? I am on Linux Mint, just installed the latest version 20 something instead of 19 something. I can't seem to get nvenc as a hardware encoder in obs yet. Haven't looked if you made a video yet about streaming on linux I think you stream from linux, how you stream on twitch do you only do your streams there ? And I payed for Adobe Premiere once and I couldn't get hardware encoding working either with premiere, was a bit a waste of money. That is on Windows, I downloaded a benchmark from Puget called PugetBench for Premiere Pro. I did the full bench maybe 1+ times, but it crashed more often then not. But it didn't help me to figure out the hardware encoding missing thingy, I did find some stuff today from Nvidia thanks to linux already! I did find this Nvidia video codec SDK webpage, I think I have to look there. And they have an obs guide too.

  24. Not having much luck with it. When i try to run Heroic it loads for a sec then closes

  25. Are there plans to add legendary/HeroicGL integration to Lutris?

  26. Which gets more performance on game with low end pc
    Linux or windows?

  27. Imagine if epic was kind enough just to let us download linux versions of games we own.

  28. how about lutris and gog2 that can launch epic games?
    If you install epic to same wine session that runs gog2 then gog2 will be able to download and launch epic games, right?

  29. Chris Titus Tech What browser do you use?

  30. I know it's a lot to ask, but do you know if unreal engine works with this method?

  31. Thanks to Heroic Launcher now I have free amogus

  32. This is perfect… Wanted to play Pine on my Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with my Nvidia GTX 960… works perfect by using a GloriousEgroll build… I love it!!!

  33. Hey does heroic launcher need Lutris etc or something like that integrated in it ? Because even epic games itself is not for linux How come the games can be ?

  34. The controller support is still questionable.
    In Windows itself, not all games on EGS are playable with controller (gamepad). The workaround is to open Steam Client, add Epic Games Launcher to library, then run it.
    In Linux, I can't do that with Heroic. So I have to use Wine with Steam (for Windows) and Epic Launcher in the prefix. But sometimes it stucks at loading Steam. The latest update even worse, I cannot run Epic from it anymore ☹️
    Not to mention when I uninstall Epic, it wipes out all the downloaded games!!! 😱
    The overall experience with Epic Games is terrible.

    Legendary & Heroic are already better than Epic Launcher in some aspects. But since they are not official, there are always limitations, like not able to install & run games which require another launcher. Certainly Steam + Proton can do that better with such games.

  35. It's essentially just an Electron-GUI frontend for legendary (yes, it uses legendary underneath). Funny enough, it's still starts up faster and is leaner than the actual Epic Games Launcher, which is just an embarrassment at this point.

  36. i install borderlands pre sequel my old computer

    game open and not working and i give up ı just use steam
    ı use arch btw

  37. How does steep launch? Seeing that it launches through UPlay 🙂

  38. I'm currently using windows 7 but a lot of people are against that due to security problems since they don't update the os anymore. I'm thinking of switching to linux but I want to have the opportunity to use programs like excel, word, premiere pro, photoshop, digikam, steam, origin and epic. I usually play older point and click titles or unity games. I have a gtx 780. Could someone give me please some advice?

  39. has anybody tried GTAV with this? Does R* Launcher work?

  40. Thank you for the video and the devs for great product. I was looking for an easy way to use proton with my epic games and this works great.

  41. aaaannd all ends up at the start… it just not installing…

  42. Thanks for the video Titus. I'm one of the main devs of Heroic and the project is quite new. But we are working hard to improve the product and fix those bugs and add more functionalities. Stay tuned for the next releases. We will also start supporting other stores in the future. 😀

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