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Rocket League is Finally here free to play for everyone on Epic Games store with size of 11GB .Claim it today from mobile or pc and download whenever you want. Cross Progression is also available. About The Game-Rocket League is a high-powered hybrid of arcade-style soccer with easy-to-understand controls and fluid, physics-driven competition.
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  1. at last that legendary day has came which everyone was waiting for… Rocket league is free at last . heheeh. thku sumit bhiya …. for this news .

  2. Already downloaded it after 3 minutes of its free release on Epic Games 🇮🇳🔥
    Lets play together 🤘🤘🤘

  3. Can Farcry 4 or any AAA games be free on 24 th September? I know one may be Assassin creed 2

  4. Ekdm 8.30 e claim korechi..dnld cmplt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Man I have 25 games in my library epic store is actually insane when it comes to giving away games

  6. It keeps telling me "We are experiencing high transaction volume, please try again later."

  7. Man when I tried to play multiplayer,it shows not connected to Epic account,how to fix this!!

  8. Its just keeping saying you need to loggin to your epic acc,even if im logged

  9. buy rocket leauge you can get the same game from play store
    Game name:- TURBO LEAGUE.
    It is same like ROCKET LEAGUE its true pls try it.

  10. Do i need to download it again if i had it already on steam and want to play it with a new account?

  11. I have 55 Games in My EPIC GAMES LIBRARY

  12. Ye pc game he. Ye Mobile m bhi khel skte h kya🤣

  13. bro i am getting 26 mb per sec download now what u want to say

  14. Is it free to play for a week or we can download it and play for lifetime ???

  15. Bro I have i3 6006u and intel hd 520 and 4gb ram with 2.0 ghz will it run on my laptop ???

  16. I downloaded it . It stops in tutorial 😭😭. Help

  17. How much data is needed to download it ? How much GB?

  18. it says mvscp140.dll was not found. i repaired it and says vcruntime.dll was not found. pls someone help me ☹

  19. Can someone give me epic games account with gta 5 please if you have extra

  20. Bro how much time did it take for u to download it?(what is your internet speed?)

  21. i am ot getting any coupon code ..i have downloaded the game on 5th october 2020

  22. my epic games launcher doesnt say store only says friends and unreal engine

  23. We have to add our phone no. Or email yes or not??

  24. I was hoping this would tell us how to DL the game and have it actually work. When I hit play in the launcher the icon shows up for 2 seconds and disappears and the launcher reloads. Imagine spending 6 hours trying every youtube tactic to make it work and still nothing

  25. I too made same video but not got too support. Please support😭😭😭

  26. Bhai mujhe please apka GTA V account 1din ke liye dedo main download karke de dunga please Bhai😢😢😢😢

  27. Bro can we pause it and continue downloading…?

  28. i have i3-2nd gen 3.30ghz
    4gb ram and a geforce gt 9400
    i am having some erorrs when i open the game 🙁

  29. i need help it says " you dont have permission to download this game" how do i download it?!

  30. i am getting 11264 kibibit per second download speed. i want 11 mBps speed. pls halp i am on sai baba fiber/cable network

  31. It says it needs 20 gb of file size but how much is the file size now?

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